Muppets Great Moments in History

Can anyone provide feedback on what age this is appropriate for? I’m trying to decide if I should include it in our TP. Kids will be 4 & 2 :slight_smile:

I enjoyed it. Cute show. My kids were meh about it. Youngest was 5 turning 6 at last trip. But they aren’t huge into muppets. You have to pay attention to the muppets talking in the second story window while people walk by and you are outside. But you can just walk up at show start time and watch, and if no interest leave.

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Last year my DD 3 at the time didn’t enjoy it much, but with the new Muppet babies series that Disney has airing, she was a lot more interested in it this year, since she knows the characters in the windows.

Yup - they’ll both like it! You’ll get all the jokes, they’ll love the music and muppets!