Muppet*Vision 3D FP not available on February 7

Getting FP selection in line for a February trip. I’m unable to get 2 FP to MuppetVision 3D at any time during February 7. I haven’t seen any refurb notices, just wondering if anyone knows the story or is having a similar experience.

My immediate guess was that it’s moving to a RotR-style boarding group system to keep up with demand.

There are FPs for the following week though, or at least that’s what Liners have reported. It’s just a week I think that there aren’t any. Nobody really seems to know why, except there has been some speculation that there will only be FPs during busy times.


With so few “rides” being Tier 2 attractions even Muppets FPP are being grabbed up quickly. SWGE is expected to bring in about a 25% increase to DHS attendance. This means more people want FPPs. Also, more people have started to learn / figure out about “tapping in” and leaving just to knock out the unwanted Tier 2 FPPs to get more Tier 1s.

Plus, it’s in a prime location to SWGE - making it an even more attractive FPP as it’s on the way into the new Land. A lot of ppl I know are getting Muppets & ST as the Tier 2 because the attractions are located so close to each other and SWGE.

I feel pretty confident in saying DHS will not do boarding groups for MuppetVision. It seems you’ve just hit a day when they are already gone.

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No there weren’t any released for that week.



I confess, I didn’t do any actual research before I typed.

The first week of February is typically a slow time and that would make since, but it’s odd that it’s just that one week… :thinking:

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I agree, it is odd.

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It isn’t just that one week, it’s the last week of January too.

No one seems to have any info yet as to why though. :woman_shrugging:

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There have been a LOT of FPP available for muppets. They have been easily available for immediate use same day. It seems like they get easier to get as people who had them do not actually use them. It would be lousy for them to remove FPP for it while the tiers remain the way they are.

As someone else mentioned, there aren’t any available that entire week. I suspect there may be a closure, which is unfortunate because that’s one of my favorites!


Probably some super minor “refurb”. I’m sure nothing to worry about.


“Did you hear? People are wondering why they can’t get Fastpasses to the show!”
“Oh I’m sure they are! People can’t seem to Pass that show Fast enough!!!”


Hahaha! This is hilarious!

It just came out


Odd that they waited this late to say anything, but that’s WDW communications. Thankfully it’s just two week during the slowest time of the Ops calendar. I wonder if its getting interior or exterior / surrounding area refurbs. (We’ll know soon enough!)

I read seats and curtains mainly.

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Makes sense… it’s only for 2 weeks. It’s nice that it’s getting some TLC

Well good thing I really didn’t want to go :joy: That’s the two weeks I’m there, thought it odd I couldn’t get it as a throwaway FP. Annoying from a FP perspective because it had more time options.

Ah man! Guess we’ll have to stop at HS on our way to Epcot on arrival day…

Same boat. I just told my wife I was going to detour for a showing.

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