Multple Resorts, Magicbands, hard tickets and fastpasses?

Hey all - got a strange scenario coming up and it’s my first time booking in a few years (last time was per-magic bands and had to get fast passes the old fashioned way at the kiosks on site day of. So I’m not too familiar with pre-booking fast-passes on the site, but it looks fairly simple. Where it gets complicated is in a few areas:

  1. My park passes for me and my girlfriend are daily park hoppers I’m getting from a work event - so we’ll each have 5 hard tickets, park hopper passes.
  2. We are staying at 2 different resorts (AKL and Yacht) so I’m told I will get 2 different bands for 2 nights each or 5 days total.
    How in the heck and I supposed to link my park passes, fast passes and bands altogether? This doesn’t seem like something I’ll be able to do ahead of time and will probably need a cast member to do at each check in - or just use the tickets instead of the magic-bands? Just curious to see if anyone went through something similar, I know it sounds crazy but the tickets were free so I’m wining it the best I can. Appreciate any helpful feedback.

You can link the tickets to your My Disney Experience account. That is also what your magic bands are linked to. You can opt out of getting the second set of magic bands if you want. You can also make your fast passes from your MDE account once you have tickets linked. Will you have the tickets ahead of time?

I have the tickets, actually linked a few to my account already to try it out (keeping them separate for me and her so I know who has what) but I don’t have the magic bands and probably won’t have them until I check in. I’d love to opt out of the second magic-bands, that seems like it would be less complicated.

Are you in the US? The magic bands are sent to your address you have in the system. Have you linked your resort reservations to your MDE account?

Once you have your resort reservations linked to your MDE account, from a computer, you log onto the site and “customize” your bands. Both sets of bands grab the information from your account. The bands act as your room keys. Make sure the band opens the door for each of you at the second resort before you enter. If there is a problem go back to the desk after you drop off your bags.

Do your magic bands automatically get shipped to you a certain # of days before your trip? So as long as the reservations and tickets are linked in MDE all split stay info should be set up for each stay. We had a split stay, but just added an extra day and that is at a different Disney resort.

You need to customize them first, then they will ship. They ship around 30 days before your trip. If you have not customized you will get a message you will get them at the resort. If that happens they will be grey. It makes it a little faster if you have your magic bands if you are taking Magical Express from the airport. Everyone would need their magic bands on and they can just scan them. If you do not have one they scan documents.

Thank you! I think I knew that, but my brain has gotten overloaded with this planning and my brain shorted out :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Also, given that this is a split stay, I would suggest giving Disney a call just before you get to the park on the first day to verify your bands and tickets are setup/linked up correctly. (you might even be able to do this as soon as your bands arrive if you have them mailed to you?)

While it might end up not meaning anything, a call could potentially prevent you from being sent into the customer service line the moment you arrive.

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If you go to the resort first you should be fine. When you call Disney these days all calls go to a call center and the information many times is not correct.

Oh the resorts can do it too? That’s good to know.

I had stopped in at the resort before I went into the park and they had said everything was ok…but I ended up in the Customer Service line :frowning: Maybe they didn’t check the right stuff cause I didn’t specifically ask about tickets being linked to my magic band?

Your MBs are linked to your MDE account. If your tickets are there (you were able to make FPs and your resort reservation is all set) you should. E all set.

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I booked less than 30 days out, so I’m probably getting my bands when I check in. I think the part I’m missing is the actual linking of the fastpasses to the actual ticket (which I’m further assuming will link to the bands themselves). I’ve typed in the hard ticket codes and assigned a few to myself and a few to my girlfriend. I’ve also selected several fastpass attractions BUT I’m not seeing that those fastpasses are finding their way to actual tickets in my MB / Account. I have to be missing something, but not sure what that is. Appreciate the feedback

Ok, so I did this for all 3 stays. Should I call to see about only having 1 magicband for each stay. I didn’t see a place to indicate it when I customized them.

What connects the fastpasses, magic bands, tickets, and room reservation is your MDE account. So if you have fastpasses already made and you can see them in the account (under the fastpass page) then you should be all set. When you scan your MB to enter the park, the tickets will be on there (since you linked them) and the fast passes that you made will also work. Your magic band will also open your room door.

If you still have time to customize the bands and want to opt out of the second set of bands, you can select decline magic bands for one of the sets.

I would keep one extra band just in case you lose one. Also, make sure you still customize the bands.