Multiple Wait reservation?

I done messed up.

Well, sort of.

In May, we’re giving a couple nights to our two sons (and their wives) with some “leftover” DVC points we have. In one case, my oldest son wanted to stay at SSR, so booking there was no problem. For my second son, they preferred Boardwalk if possible. So, I booked him at SSR until the 7 month mark came, when I would try to pounce on something.

Well. I miscounted. I was thinking November was going to be 7 months out. But…well…it’s not. October was…and I missed the 7 month mark. Sure enough, everything at Boardwalk is now waitlist only.

So, this leads to my question. I did waitlist Boardwalk at the Garden/Pool view rooms (since that seems to be what pops up most often with availability). But…can I also create a waitlist at Boardwalk for both Boardwalk view and Standard view? Can I have multiple wait lists for the same resort, but different room categories? Or just one?

There didn’t appear to be a way to waitlist “anything available”.

This is for a single night. (In the end, it is no big deal if they wind up at SSR…just trying to get their preferred location if at all possible.)


They only allow two waitlists at a time, but you can have two waitlists for different room types, for the same date at the same resort.

ETA: Good Luck! I’ve been successful w/ waitlisting before. We needed to add ONE night onto our stay.

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You can have two waitlists. Each one is for a specific room type and dates etc.

So you can add a new waitlist for either Boardwalk or Standard view.

Don’t forget to stalk the website too for any of those nights opening up. If you see one, grab it. And then review the waitlists.


yes, this too! I will add that the waitlist grabs the room as soon as it opens and will send you an email w/ a confirmation number. It was easier than stalking, but I still stalked.

Well…okay. That was a bit hilarious.

Since you both said I could have two waitlists, I decided to go in and add the second waitlist for a standard view room at Boardwalk (since I figured Boardwalk view would be least likely).

When I did…guess what I found? ONE night with at Boardwalk view!

So…I made the change, and now have NO waitlists! :slight_smile: I suppose you could say that was stalking. Maybe. :wink:



You did remember to cancel the waitlist?

PS: yes, that is stalking.:grin:


Yes. I canceled the waitlist. Thanks for the reminder, though!


Stalking the site is often more successful than waitlist. It doesn’t hurt to have both going on!


I am not familiar with this concept. :upside_down_face:


Hehe. Technically we are borrowing these.leftover points. In January 2024, we figured out how many points we need for our pre-cruise days at WDW. This would leave enough point that, even if we banked them we wouldn’t be able to use before the next trip after that. So, we thought why not let our kids use them for a chance to brainwash them into into loving Disney…err, I mean, experience staying on site in a Deluxe resort at Disney. :grin:

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You’re from the future??

Tell me it gets normal again


Um…I’d rather not have to lie.

(But…you rightfully caught my grammatical error there!)

I find that higher point views open up much more frequently than standard…Lake view poly, theme park view BLT ect…

So probably why boardwalk view was there- personally I would prefer that anyway