Multiple MK attractions offline at the same time?

I’ve been following some of the wait times on certain days to get a feel for what to expect when we arrive at WDW in 33 days.

I noticed this afternoon that multiple attractions are offline at the same time on the Touring Plans & MDE app.

7 Dwarfs, Barnstormer, Big Thunder Mtn, Dumbo, Jungle Cruise, Magic Carpets, Space Mtn, Splash Mtn, Speedway

I noticed this another day as well. Has this been happening more at WDW where many rides are down?

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It rains almost every day in the afternoons in FL during summer.


Usually that means there is a storm in the area.


Thank you! Similar weather in mid September?

September is the middle of storm season, so when I have a September trip (which I do fairly often… storms season plus back to school keeps the crowds very low) I typically have a backup plan for each day. If possible I plan a “no plans” day so I can make up a day if there’s a very, very bad storm. The good thing is that the crowds being so low makes it easier to do everything you want to do even if you have to miss a full day due to weather.

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Space Mountain is usually open but it has been down most of the day today.

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Yeah… September is hurricane season. I’ve had whole Sept. trips where it rained all day most days. Luckily most of the attractions at WDW are indoors so you can find something to do.

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