Multiple Experiences Fastpass+?

Disney called me today saying that there was a problem with one of my ADRs. They said that there was a computer glitch…

Long story short-they gave me an extra fastpass that day for the trouble. He said I could use it at Epcot even though my other fastpasses are in MK earlier that day. He also said I don’t have to reserve them ahead of time. I can just walk up and use them. I just wanted to hear from someone who this happened to before…is that really the case? If so-I can just walk up to FEA and use this magic fastpass that I didn’t have to beg, borrow or steal to obtain?! Someone bring be down from cloud 9 before I get my hopes up!!!

Question 2-when I went to look at the fastpass in MDE, it says “select up to 2 experiences”. When I click on view details, for each guest it says “experiences remaining/total” and then says “2/2” for everyone. Did he give me 2!!!

Did I die and go to fastpass heaven or am I dreaming?! Someone fill me in please!


Yes, you died and went to fastpass heaven. This past August I had a little bit of difficulty upgrading my tickets to an annual pass which took the amazing guest services representative and I about 90 minutes to sort out, and because of my patience she added 2 extra fastpasses for that day and 2 for the next day. Now mine were designated for specific parks (Hollywood studios and Magic Kingdom) but with them I was able to just walk onto the rides I wanted to use them for, even though fastpasses were distributed for that day (I chose Toystory Midway Mania, at HS and 7DMT and Peter Pan’s flight at Magic Kingdom). So yes, just walk up and scan your band or ticket at the fastpass Mickey and you’ll be good to go. It does sound like he gave you 2 extra fastpasses for the day. Congrats!


If there are any “restrictions” it should be noted. If there are not- enjoy! Disney Magic !

I have had multiple experience fastpasses before and if you view the details, the new frozen ride is not in the options for epcot attractions. Not sure because it is new, or they are not allowing “this extra fast pass” to be used on it?

Hi! My husband spent two and half hours on the phone last week trying to sort out a problem and was given these Multiple Experience Fastpasses to try to help us through the issue. The representative told him that these ME Fastpasses would not work for the new Pandora rides in Animal Kingdom or for Frozen in Epcot.

I actually didn’t believe my husband about not having to select the Fastpasses ahead of time, so he called Disney back, just to make sure. I still wish our normal Fastpasses would show up, as planning is necessary, anyway, but that is another topic.