Multiple dining plans and paying for meals

Hello there folks! I can’t seem to find an answer to this anywhere. We’re heading to the world in November with my parents and in laws. We booked three separate rooms so have three separate reservations. I added them all to my MDE account. I know I can make ADR’s for everyone, but how do we pay once we’re there? We’ll have three separate dining plans going on. Will our check be split? Do I have to make 3 separate reservations at each restaurant?

Having one person use their credits for the entire meal isn’t possible. There’s 7 of us, but we’re only there 4 days. A single person wouldn’t have enough credits to cover a meal.


No problem. ADRs are not related to who pays. The server will ask, before you order, if anyone is using Dining Plan. That’s when you tell’em how to group the checks and how each group will pay. And, remember to tip a little extra, for the effort.

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Yes, I agree, you can usually split one table into multiple checks. I have even paid for a dinner on more than one check- for a dining package that does not allow a discount and a separate check for drinks to apply my TiW card. Or a dining plan meal and a separate check for TiW for apps and drinks. The only exception I am aware of is BOG preorders that tell you only one payment will be accepted.

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FYI - if you did want to have one person/family cover a whole meal (which could make sense in a couple scenarios) they will have enough credits. All of your credits are available from day one and grouped by room. So if you have two adults in one room, the room will have 8 credits depending on the plan.

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