Multiple Cabins


Hi All,

My family is going on a 4 Night Bahamas cruise this August. It is myself, my wife, and three daughters (2,4 & 7). We have one Cabin booked for the 5 of us. Now my mother in law recently decided to join us, and she has a cabin booked for just her. This means she’s basically paying for two people. What I’m wondering is if I change our reservations, and have move one of our kids into her cabin, can we save some money across both rooms. Here’s what I’m thinking, moving the kid will make them more expensive, since they will now be charged as an adult, since they are only the 2nd person on the reservation, however, it will not change the total amount that we are paying for that Cabin. Now the cost of my Cabin will come down, since we have one less person staying in there. I could then pay my mother-in law the difference, and she now has a nice discount, and my total stays the same. So between our two cabins, we can save a nice chunk of change. Does my math seem to work out here?

Also, what logistical issues are we looking at with having one of our kids in a different cabin?

One issue I thought of is that my family is staying at the Beach Club for a couple nights before the cruise, whereas my mother in law is just flying down and staying near the airport the night before. My family was planning to just take the Disney shuttle out to the boat since it is convenient, but if my daughter is booked in another cabin, will I still be able to have her ride the shuttle with us from the Beach Club? Or would she need to go to the airport and catch the shuttle there, with my mother in law?

Thanks in Advance!


I don’t know the answer but when in August? I am on the August 5th sailing.


We are a week later on the 8/12 sailing.


You will be charged for a change in reservation – I think it is $75 – but the idea of moving one person to the cabin with one so that the charge for person #2 makes lots of sense.

The shuttle costs and reservations are per person, not per cabin, so that should not be a problem. And the shuttles are booked from where you depart, so if you book for 5 from BC and one from MCO, that is not a issue.

The one thing you will need to do is meet up at the terminal so when you check in the right people are in the party as it checks in for identification. But that should be easy.

And DCL won’t monitor who is in which room, so you can put whoever you want in the cabin with your mother-in-law you like, including changing each night if your daughters think that is fun. The only logistical issue is who sleeps in which cabin, and are any of your daughters not going to like being separate. I’m guessing grandma could fix that real fast with special attention and treats if it is an issue!