Multiple ADRs

I have a months worth of ADRs to make soon and need some info as to which restaurants/shows require full prepayment or substantial credit card deposit at time of booking. Is there any info on this to research ahead of time?

I’m pretty sure CRT is the only one that requires prepayment (maybe some of the signature restaurants, but I’m not sure since we don’t do those). The others require credit card “guarantee,” which will only be charged if you don’t show or cancel.

The dinner shows all require a pre-payment in full - Hoop Dee Doo, Spirit of Aloha, Mickey’s Backyard BBQ. In addition, you have to pay in advance for the dessert parties, I believe. Last, I am pretty sure you also pay in advance for the Fantasmic packages as well.

Fantasmic package is not a pre-pay. It’s a set price, but not pre-pay. But yes, dinner shows, dessert parties, and CRT I think is everything else.


ok thank you all for the info all. Now here’s another question, if I have to prepay on dinner shows, how can I get discounts that I am entitled to such as TIW for instance? Is there a place to enter that info when booking and get discount right away? I’ve been to Disney lots but this is my first time making lots of dining ressies

For TIW, I believe you just have to tell them when you get there so that you can show them the card, and then you’ll get the difference refunded

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You should also be able to call to make reservations that you have an entitled discout for. I was able to book by phone for a dinner show that we will be paying for with DP credits. No charge applied to my card-although I still had to provide it in case we no show. The conversation while booking lead me to believe they could make any such adjustments over the phone.
Of course that’s a little bit of a guess since I did not specifically try a discout :smile:

From the TiW website:

For any participating Walt Disney World® Resort restaurant where reservations are pre-paid, make sure to request the Tables in Wonderland discount at the time of booking for discount to be applied. A valid Tables in Wonderland card must then be shown at time of ticket pick-up to retain the discount. A refund can also be given at ticket pick-up if the Tables in Wonderland discount was not applied at time of booking.