Multi Ticket question

My husband and I are chaperoning our daughter’s band trip next week. The band trip includes single park ticket (park specific) for each day. After the band trip we are staying on at Disney for a family trip. We all have multi-day park hoppers, mine is date specific starting the day after the band trip, My husband and daughters are not date specific but need park reservations.

So that said, I was told that I could either add the band trip tickets to my Disney Park app, or get a physical ticket each day for the park from the band director. I have two questions - will the Disney Park app know when to use what ticket? I don’t want the park hopping days used for the band trip. Question two - how does the 7am virtual queue work if I am using a physical ticket? Or do I need that one day ticket in my account to do a virtual queue?

Thank you so much!!!

Definitely not an expert and recommend calling WDW for an authoritative answer. That said…

Since each park reservation is linked to a specific ticket, I don’t think the app will confuse the school tix and your personal tix.

DD17 went to WDW with school in January, linked her tix in MDE, and it knew the park reservations for each ticket/day. (Group tix require reservations but I’m sure it’s handled through the booking process for the whole group at once.)

If you choose to use the physical ticket, I don’t think you’ll be eligible for the VQ because Disney won’t know you have park entry that day.

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Years ago, 2019, DD had an orchestra trip to Disney. She was staying with us three days after the school trip. She had the orchestra tickets and a separate ticket for the extension with us afterward. They were given tickets each day. She was able to link the ticket when she got it to her MDE account so she could make fastpasses. The correct ticket was taken from her account for the day.

This was before park reservations and VQ but all this is to say that you can link those band tickets in MDE. Since tickets are date specific, MDE should know which tickets to take.

You can also go to a guest services window and have them prioritize the tickets.

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How did this work out for you? I’m a chaperone this week and have same question.

No problems at all! Worked fine with everything loaded in at once. I have a feeling the band trip tix were connected to a particular day.