Multi-generational family traveling with 2 ECV's (scooters) and stroller

We’re a family with 4 adults and 1 toddler. Grandma & Grandpa need ECV’s and the toddler needs a stroller. We’re staying at the Boulder Creek Villa’s at Wilderness Lodge. What is the best way to get to the parks? Can we all take a boat to the MK? What kind of extra wait times are we looking at using the bus system? Any other suggestions on getting around WDW? Thanks for your help and ideas!


Not all boats allow ECVs but there is one of the two that goes to WL that does.

As buses goes they load the ECVs first before all others, along with their families. So you will get on a head of all other unless there is another ECV, they only take 2 at a time.

Thank you so much for your useful information! We appreciate it. It’s been 25 years since we were last there. I bet we don’t recognize the place.

I don’t know when your trip is but if you have not reserved the ECVs yet, I would do so quickly. I use their ECVs have bigger stronger batteries that last over 12 hours of use. If you need, I have a code to save 10% with them also.

Thank you once again! Our trip is in May. I’m looking at their website, and like what I see. I located their 10% off special. Now we just need to decide which ones. I love the fact that you can take them apart as we will be renting a full size mini-van.

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When my DH needed to use an scooter due to pending knee surgery, I found that transportation almost took double any where we usually went. We were at BC and found using the boats to HS a little difficult because we had to wait a few times for another boat, because there was two scooters already on board. I would highly recommend renting a minivan. My dh found it easier than dealing with all the looks. We parked the scooter and charged the batteries every night. Bring glow in the dark items for the EVC and consider wearing something with reflective or light on it(hat). Nights were the worst people literally trying to climb over him or jumping in front of him. I hope you have a wonderful time, the scooter saved our vacation.

Thank you very much! That’s great advise. We are planning to rent a large mini-van too. Great idea about lighting up the scooter at night.

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Paula- I am not sure if you are in a DVC unit or 2 rooms, but with just 1 scooter the studio was VERY tight(I think we even left the scooter in the hall) and just had the batteries in to charge. The mini van was sooo much easier on my DH’s knee (I hope your parents like the ease of getting in and out and if any one has a handicapped placard I would bring it with me for the parking at Disney.( We did not have one- That I remember-but we might have). I don’t know if your parents would consider like a reflective running vest/jacket, or even one of those caps with the light on it. I also tried walking infront a lot, but do that at your own riek :slight_smile:

We will have a DVC unit so we should be fine room-wise. They have a handicap placard. I will tell them about the vests/hats - Thanks for more great ideas!

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