Multi-generation 50th wedding anniversary cruise

I have somehow become the planner for my parents 50th wedding anniversary (August 2022), probably because I took the initiative since I’m recently back from my WDW trip and have a strong desire to plan a new trip. I sent out surveys to my siblings, all are in agreement that we should do something, but results came back all over the place, so I talked to mom herself.

Her dream is to take all her kids/grands on a Disney cruise (I’m down with that!). My Dad is a big cruiser so would love this also. One sibling may not be completely on board. If it’s a go, trip will include my parents, myself and 3 siblings, spouses and 9 grandchildren - 18 people total. I can’t figure this out on my own, so I submitted a tp travel agency request with some notes.

I see some potential snags on agreeing on dates/different school/vacation schedules but want to get a jump on it. Hoping to share some pricing/booking options with the siblings soon and see where that goes!

Excited to see where this goes. Would love to hear from anyone who has done a trip like this!


With that group I would not one use a travel agent, I’d try to find one that have you perks. Sounds lovely to me. :heart:


thanks!! - can you explain you perks and how I find one?