Multi Day Ticket Question

Does anyone know the answer to this question about non-park hopper tickets?

We are going to be staying on site for 5 nights, so a 4 day pass is the best price option. If we purchase a 4 Day - 3 Park NON park hopping ticket, can we use 2 days worth of tickets on the same day?

We are planning on Disney for 1 of the 4 days, and I’m wondering if we can’t visit two UOR parks one of those days by using the 4th days tickets.


Day 1 - Universal Orlando (tic 1)
Day 2 - Islands of Adventure (tic 2)
Day 3 - Disney
Day 4 - Volcano Bay (tic 3) and IOA (tic 4)

Looking at the touring plans for those day, that would give us more than enough flexibility to get through everything we would like to do, and so the park hopper seems like over $300 that we could put to good use elsewhere on the trip.

I found this:

“* Entry to more than one Theme Park on the same day requires the Park-to-Park ticket option. You cannot move from park to park by using 2 days of your ticket on the same day.”


@bebe80 is correct, you cannot do that. You want park hoppers at Universal, that is the only way you can ride the Hogwarts Express. I would get a 3 day, 3 park park hopper.


As @bebe80 quotes, no you can’t. You are buying days, not turns in parks. You must have park to park to visit two parks in one day.


Thanks all. Was hoping, but good to know.

Have you considered buying an Annual Pass? It’s basically the same price as 4 days of admission & you can hop all you want! (plus they are currently offering 15 months for the price of 12 months)


Well, the 15 month thing ended a few days ago.

I haven’t thought about that. But I just looked into it and I don’t think it’s the best for my family (5 of us). We are looking at a Hotel & Ticket option that even with the park hopper seems to be a decent amount cheaper than any of the 3 park annual passes. Also, while this isn’t a one in a lifetime trip, there is no way we would be back in 15 months.

But thanks for the suggestion. At this point, just trying to decide if the $350 to upgrade to park hoppers is worth the flexibility. Probably, was just hoping I would be able to use that elsewhere for the trip.

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Do keep in mind that the ONLY way you are allowed to ride Hogwart’s Express is if you have a park-to-park ticket, if that plays any role in your thought process.


Yes. Good point! We would like to go on it, but it’s not a deal breaker (ie not worth $350 by itself). But I do think it may end up being the thing to tip the scales towards the park hopper.

Make sure you’re looking at the annual pass discount rates for rooms-if they are available during your dates it will typically more than make up for the small upcharge to an AP.