Multi-day Custom TP

I am trying to create custom TP but am having trouble. It’s my first time using it. A couple questions:

(1) We are doing a 5 hour Keys to the Kingdom tour. How do I add this to my touring plan, or for that matter, any diversions that are not on the attractions list?

(2) Let’s say during the week I am there, I want to go to the MK all day on Monday, in the morning on Wednesday and in the afternoon on Friday. I have my Fastpasses and as far as the rest of the attractions in the MK I want to do, I do not care which ones I see which of the 3 days I am there. Is the custom TP sophisticated enough to build 3 different days that are a continuation of each other and optimize which ones are best for which days? It seems like all I can do is pick one day at a time and manually decide which attractions I want to do that day. Thank you.

  1. you’d add it, and anything else in the plan, as a break.
  2. no you can only do a single day touring plan.
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