MSEP / Wishes FPP

Has anyone ever gotten both of these FPPs? Is it easy to get from one viewing are to the other? I know these both are in “newer” locations. Would it be better to just watch MSEP from the Wishes FPP area (Or vice versa)?

This is for arrival afternoon/evening, and I’m wondering if I should try and get one or both of these. They would not be competing with much else in the way of FPPs.


I just spotted a forum review on this very subject that seems comprehensive: Report on use of Fast Pass for Wishes and Electrical Parade - #2 by mascardofamily

Hope that answers your question!

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To answer your question about whether you can get both of them, just did this a few minutes ago

From what I’m seeing from folks, it’s hit or miss how good those locations are in terms of crowds. To get from one location to the other, what you’d do is just walk right behind the parade on up from MSEP (which is in Town Square) to Wishes (down in the hub). You will be able to see the MSEP from the Wishes location, but I’ll need to go out and check and see how good the view is–it won’t be as good as the location that the FP+ provides, though, because (if I’m remembering right) the space for Wishes FP+ only has a small amount of frontage that the MSEP goes past–so you may spend a lot of time looking over people’s heads.

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I did FPP for both one night in April CL 5 and it was amazing for both. No problem getting from one to the other but It was just me no littles so navigation was easier. Have fun

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Thanks, everyone! I don’t actually think we would need FPP’s for anything else, so we may try for it… It should be low crowds, although I’m not sure if that affects how many FPPs they give out. I’ll report back!