MSEP FPP and Wishes

Is the MSEP FPP area good place to watch the fireworks?

No. It’s one of the worst. You’re too close to the castle, and it will block your view of many of the fireworks. You’ll only see about half the show.

Is there time to grab a good spot if you do the FPP for the parade? Is there one close by?

I would walk back down main st a ways, or over to the bridge to tomorrowland.

Thanks, and thanks for always answering my Newbie questions. You have helped me a lot.

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TP recommends not using your FPPs on firework shows and the electrical parade, etc as it all but guarantees no additional FPPs and- anyway- you still need to show up early for then (so it really isn’t a time saver). Plus, viewing for Wishes is much better elsewhere.

I’m not a “serious” parade watcher, but on the occasions that I have watched, I’ve never had a problem getting a very good spot in the FrL/LS area. Even on the 24-hour day, I got a spot in the second row from the barracade about 15 min before the start of the parade.

Hi - I just wanted to share this blog I wrote. I’ve always loved the fireworks view from the MSEP FPP viewing location. But everyone is different. I just thought this might help a little.

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