MSEP FP+ in town square?

I have a FP for MSEP on 2/2 i just saw that the location to view that is now at the flag pole in town square. We had a FP in the past which put us right in front of the castle for a nice view of wishes. I’m wondering now if I should just forget the MSEP fp sinc the location is in town square. Thoughts?

Where did you see that the location had changed?

I was looking at my fp selections and for location it said flag pole at town square. Maybe it was like that when I made the fp but it’s not the same location as when we went in April this yr. I thought it was a great FP before b/c we were right there for wishes too. now i’m not so sure

When we showed up for ours they were telling everyone to look at the location because they had both areas and people were randomly assigned to one or the other.

Was your location town square? just wondering if that is a good spot for wishes too

No we were up in the hub. But the parade does go around town square so the only difference I can think of is that you won’t have the castle in the background, which might be a good thing cause you won’t have those lights messing with your camera’s autofocus. Oh and I think there’s an actual curb there. We were flat on our butts and the lower half of my body was asleep by the end lol.