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I tracked times religiously this summer in prep for our Parkeology challenge run & what I found out is that Soarin, Guardians & Star Tours would fluctuate very randomly, sometimes being very hot (i.e. 1 day Soarin rant out by noon even faster than RSR…

10:18am by lolabear_la

…and another couple of days ST was going faster than Space which is hardly ever the case). All of those attractions have multiple theaters and/or loading areas so it makes sense that the capacity changes if not all areas are operating but if all of…

10:20am by lolabear_la

…those are loading full capacity then the general order is 1) RSR 2/3/4) Space/Guardians/IC 5/6/7) TSMM/Soarin/Indy 8/9/10) ST/MH/BTM 11/12) Splash/GRR but when their return time hits 10-11am they peak up ahead of TSMM/Soarin/Indy but after it hits…

10:28am by lolabear_la

…5-6pm it slows down again & doesn’t usually run out with immediate availability often available past 9pm. 13/14) GSS/RRCS both of these tend to have close to immediate availability but also both close earlier (GSS with DCA at 9/10pm & RR with Toon…

10:30am by lolabear_la

…town at 8:30pm). Then lastly you have Haunted Mansion, Buzz, small world which always seem to have near immediate times, exception being when HM/small world have overlays then will be closer to MH/BTM pace.

10:32am by lolabear_la


Thanks so much for posting this out to the forum world @AuntB_luvsDisney!

And I’m glad it served you well while in the park. :slight_smile: