Moving to Orlando, any advice for AP's?

I’m worried about never getting FPP’s. Basically all I know is that we are getting the premium passes and there are discounts for food. Any advice?

I don’t have one however, outside of Anna and Elsa and 7dmt most everything else should be available within 30 days. And even those occasionally during the slower times.

I have a regular AP. The premium pass is the one with the water parks? You get a discount at most stores. There is also a discount at some restaurants but you can buy the Tables in Wonderland card and get a 20% discount. If you are moving to Orlando, should this post be in the Disney World category for maybe more answers?

As @Outer1 noted, most FPPs are available on relatively short notice, though Anna and Elsa and the new Mine Train ride are notable exceptions. Sometimes you can catch those when someone cancels, but that’s usually just luck (though Liners will sometimes post when they’re about to cancel a FPP reservation that is in high demand).

One note with food discounts, as they are a little different from Disneyland. Your AP offers discounts to some restaurants, but not counter service (as in Disneyland). If you will be dining somewhat regularly in Disney World, then you may wish to purchase the Tables in Wonderland card. You can do so at Guest Relations in any Disney World theme park, and the card entitles you to a 20% discount at most (though not all) Disney World table service (and a few counter service) restaurants. The Tables in Wonderland discount also includes alcohol with your Table Service meals and in many lounges attached to table service restaurants.

Oops, sorry. I didn’t realize that I was in the Disneyland category. Thanks guys!

Will need Tables in Wonderland for better food discounts. Full AP includes water parks, golf 9 hole course, and Disney Quest.