Moving ticket start date?

Hi all,
We have 6 day park tickets, but originally only needed 5 days (we got the DVC 6 days for the price of 4 deal). We were originally scheduled to arrive very late on 4/3 so I had our ticket start date as 4/4. Our travel plans have changed and we will now be arriving late on 4/2 so I want our tickets to start on 4/3. I called Disney but at 8am there was already over an hour wait. Is there a way for me to move the ticket start date on MDE?

No and I am not even sure it can be done on the phone, actually. It may have to be done in person.

Put the hold music on speaker and go about your business. the hour will go by fast and it’s worth asking before you arrive


I just had to do the same thing two weeks ago. DVC stay and bought the 4+2 from DVC, then moved our stay up two days and wanted to adjust our tickets to reflect the change. You have to call disney ticketing and they can adjust it, although for us they had to confirm with DVC since we had tickets for non members in a second studio. They said the date changes can only be done over the phone since they were promotional tickets/rates.


So update…
You can switch the ticket start date on MDE. However, when I tried, it tried to charge me $498.
So I called Disney. On the line over 90 minutes and the girl first tells me “you can just do that online.” Then I tell her I tried and it says I owe almost 500 bucks. So she tries it. It comes up as $498 for her too. I point out that the difference in ticket price from 4/4 to 4/3 is only $1 per ticket, so I couldn’t possibly owe $498 to move 6 tickets by 1 day. She tells me she has no idea why but if I want to move the tickets she will need a card to cover the $498. She was ready to take my card. I asked if there was anyone else I could speak to. She transferred me to ticket services (where I thought I already was :roll_eyes:) and I waited another 45 minutes or so. But…the gentleman I spoke to in tickets was able to move the start day to 4/3 for a bargain price of $27.
All set. Final park reservation made. I’m good :+1:


Yikes!! Good for you for just not handing over the CC info (and staying calm!!!).

Thank you for the update.


Here is why, although I think it is wrong. But when you want to change a ticket, they don’t look at the cost difference of the ticket, but the price of the per day ticket. That is to say, if a 6 day ticket costs $600, they look at that at $100 per day. When you change the day, the system sees the $100 difference (wrongly). The same problem can happen if you add a day, etc. You have to be diligent as you did to get someone knowledgeable enough to do it correctly. You are not the first one I have heard this kind of price problem happening.


An alternative explanation would be that since @Wenmoo is using the 6-days-for-the-price-of-4 deal and trying to change dates the web site is looking at the difference in dollars already paid (i.e. for 4-day tickets) to the cost of a new 6-day ticket starting on the new date, ignoring the savings from the deal because the deal requires DVC and/or ticketing to apply the credit. Ticketing has to get involved because DVC alone can’t adjust the date and re-apply the 2-free-day deal (they can only set up the 2-free-day deal but can’t make adjustments).

Just a thought.

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I think this is the far more likely scenario.

Yeah. Sounds right.