Moving from Disney Springs hotel to Pop Century

We are driving to Florida and arriving toward mid evening on the first night of our trip. Since we won’t have time to do much, I booked a much cheaper room at a Disney Springs hotel. We plan to get up bright and early and drive to our actual WDW reservation at Pop the next morning. I am stressing this, because in the past we have splurged on an extra night on property or done a room only reservation on property. This will be our first off property, then moving luggage and car and whatnot first thing.


  1. Should I online check in to expedite the room being ready sooner? I am worried about doing this as I have requested connecting rooms.
  2. How early should we get there to facilitate everything smoothly?
  3. Do we just leave our bags in the hotel itself and if so, will they move them in before we arrive back at our room?
  4. Would it be easier to spend a little more and get a room only reservation at an onsite hotel and have stuff moved between those two hotels?
  5. Anything else I should consider/am overlooking?

Thanks in advance!

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I’ve done this several times, but I haven’t had the complications of needing connecting rooms. I’ve gotten to the Disney hotel by 8AM to check in and have my bags held by bell services. They won’t deliver bags to the room once it is assigned. You’ll need to call down once you get back to the hotel and are in your room

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I have also done this and felt comfortable leaving the majority of my bags in the car on property–we took the bus to the parks that morning right after arriving on property. We had checked in online and requested connecting rooms. I checked a couple “valuables” with bell services and then picked them up when we got back to the resort late afternoon. Then we brought in all of our stuff from the car. Note: this was a November visit so the car wasn’t 130 degrees.


What is the difference in price between a DS hotel and a WDW on site hotel? It would be convenient to be able to aim straight for the parks in the morning, without having to worry about moving luggage and luggage safety.

Good to know! We have always just carried our own stuff in, so I wasn’t sure.

Yeah, I considered that—but we will be there when Florida is the temperature of the sun–umm, I mean, in July, so I don’t think that’s an option! lol

Well, that’s what I’m wondering. Depending on where we stayed, it would be 130+ more. And we would still have to move the car…? Argghh. Part of me is thinking it might be worth the cost to just book room only at Pop. Thing is, we have standard pool view and they don’t show any standard pool view available on the website. Thinking maybe I should call and see what they can do…?

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Ok–ended up calling and switching our arrival to Pop for a more seamless experience. I’d rather wake up at our hotel and be able to start the day fresh, instead of stressing and rushing. Thanks for the input! :):smile: