Movies vs Port Orleans

Hello! I am new to Touring Plans!

We are planning our 4th (my 5th) visit to Disney next October. It will be myself, DH, my 8yo DS, and 2yo DD. We currently have reservations at AS Movies in a Preferred Room for 7 nights, park hopper add on, and dining plan.

Of my 4 prior visits, 3 have been on site - Pop Century (2006 before kids), AS-Movies (2010), and AofA (2012 - LM room). While I loved the theming at AofA, we weren’t crazy about the LM area because of the long walk to the food court/buses. At night, it felt like we would die carrying a sleeping 4yo back to the room. We did love Pop, but I’ve read mixed reviews lately.

Some changes for this trip:

  1. We will drive down (as we always do) but we usually take Disney transportation everywhere. I’m thinking we will likely drive to the parks (except maybe MK) this time instead of taking the buses.
  2. We are thinking we may bring our dog with us and board him at Best Friends Kennel.
  3. I have recently been diagnosed with pretty significant arthritis in my hip so not having extra walking around the resort will be a big deal for me.

Here’s my question(s) - when they start releasing discounts, if they release a decent room discount, I am considering changing my reservation to one of Port Orleans resorts, since its closer to the kennel and we’ve never stayed in a moderate. Which one is better - Riverside or French Quarters? And I guess my biggest question is this: is it really worth it to upgrade from a value to a moderate and, if so, why?

Thanks in advance for answers to my questions or any advice!

Hi. I enjoy both Port Orleans resorts, but if you are looking for less walking French Quarter is probably for you. It is much smaller than Riverside, and even smaller than the value resorts. Here is why we choose mods over the values every trip:

  1. Bed size. The mods have 2 queens, the values have 2 doubles.
  2. Size of room. The mods are larger, and with 4 people every bit of extra space is welcome.
  3. Bigger sink and bathroom areas.
  4. Better built rooms for soundproofing. We rarely hear our neighbors in the mod resorts, in the values there is the constant flushing of toilets it seems and the walls are thin. And another thing, better toilet paper. Yes, it matters. :wink:
  5. Better pools. The pools actually have slides which my kids love.
  6. The number one reason why we choose mods over value: they are quiet and peaceful, which is a huge change from the parks with all the overstimulation. The values don’t feel like a true break. One trip we stayed in the suites at AOA for a few days and then moved to Caribbean Beach for a week. We were so happy to leave the hustle and bustle of busy AOA behind and head to somewhere much less noisy, even though the suites themselves are amazing.
    This is just my opinion of course, but hope this helps you.

If walking is an issue, it’s got to be French Quarter. It is small, quiet, easy to get to the parking and the bus transport, and a wonderful boat ride can take you quickly to Riverside if you want to go there to eat or use the pool (and you can use both pools at either resort, and they are much nicer pools). And the boat can take you to Disney Springs, which is so pleasant and relaxing; much better than the bus. I find the rooms from the values to the moderates are very similar but FQ has a nice curtain to separate the bathrooms, bigger beds, and nicer storage furniture than the values. If you can swing the slightly higher price, then that is my vote. You’ll be happy.


I visited French Quarter during my last stay so I could check out the resort. 3 min walking time from the very furthest point in the furthest building to the main lobby. Just for this, I would say FQ wins! The resort is very well laid out and beautiful!!

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