Movies around the World

Visiting World Showcase in Disney or Pixar movies. Any sort: live action, animation.

What are your choices for each country?

Ok, I’ll start… Ratatouille or Beauty and the Beast for France

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Peter Pan or Mary Poppins for UK. Or Robin Hood or my particular favourite 101 Dalmatians.

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Or Brave or The Sword in the Stone to represent Scotland and Wales.

Coco for Mexico
Mulan for China
Sleeping Beauty or Tangled (Rapunzel was a German story) for Germany
Pinnochio for Italy
Brother Bear for Canada
Hunchback of Notre Dame or Aristocats for France

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Asking as an ignorant American - is The Sword in the Stone Welsh?

My picks

Mexico - Three Caballeros, despite the movie being set in South America (I LOVE Coco)

Norway - Frozen

China - Mulan

Germany - going with Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs as she has a m&g here

Italy - Pinocchio

American Adventure - so many to choose from. My first thought was The Rescuers tho I also thought of Fess Parker.

Japan - Big Hero 6 was all I could think of

Morocco - Aladdin

France - Beauty and the Beast tho Cinderella was right behind.

UK - Great Mouse Detective first with 101 Dalmatians runner up

Canada - Brother Bear

King Arthur was either Welsh, Cornish or from elsewhere, such is the problem of legends stemming from semi truths.

However with the likes of Sir Gawain, Guinevere and son on, the chances are he is indeed from some part of Wales.

Aladdin was most definitely not Moroccan. The Middle East, Jordan or somewhere is more fitting.
Frozen takes inspiration from bits of Norway, the chapel for example, but also Iceland, Finland and of course the story is Danish.

But Disney-wise of course you’re correct!

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No one’s mentioned Bedknobs and Broomsticks yet.

This sounds like fun and I will be starting this tonight! Thanks for the idea!

Had to laugh at Disney-wise!

Thank you for the info on Wales, etc. I’ve been reading lately fiction set during the Great War with mostly UK characters. Wales when it’s mentioned is very much a foreign place.

Disney does have its own take, which is fine with me tho I’ve read scathing reviews of the American Adventure version of history. Completely missing the figure actually climbing the stairs ! ! !

Or the animatronic horse.

I just thought of another good around the World movie: The Flight of the Navigator.

So many decades to choose from.

And to respond to your next post: I have never watched Bedknobs and Broomsticks. There seems to be a gap there of a couple of movies.