Move It Shake It Street Party

I had thought this was a small stage show in front of the castle… and i’m now seeing pics that look like its a parade- Can anyone share more info? What is the route it follows, where is best viewing and how long before it starts should we plan to be there?

Thank you!

It consists of 5 “floats” that come out from beside the firehouse. It runs down Main Street to the Hub and stops there for about 15 minutes. Some rare characters get off and have a choreographed song and dance party with kids. Staged photos are not permitted with these characters. When the last song is finished, they load back up and head back down Main Street. It’s really cute in my opinion.

Thoughts on how this compares to Mickeys Royal Friendship Faire. I had this on my list as well as Festival of Fantasy.

MRFF is less interactive. It’s just a stage show.

Ahhh thank you, I think I was confusing the dance party with MRFF. :blush: