Move it shake it dance and play street party on CL10 day?

How crazy will the move it shake it dance and play it street party be on a CL10 day? What exactly is it - worth it? DD7 and DS9. TIA!!

Personally, I can think of NOTHING in WDW that I would want to do less. What is it? Loud music with a bunch of kids jumping around. Can’t speak for the kids, but the over-loud wretched Disneypop soundtrack alone makes me want to hide in an anechoic chamber somewhere. Add insane masses of people (many of whom will be pissy due the the long lines for EVERYTHING) and it’s a pefect storm event for a personal melt-down.


It’s short (15 min or so), parade floats come out with crazy loud dance music and dancers including some characters, then everyone dances in the street together for a few minutes while trying to avoid getting crushed and parents try to keep track of their offspring, then the characters jump back on their floats, CM’s shoo everyone out of the way, and the caravan takes off back up main street. It’s fun for little kids on a quiet day, but painfully loud and probably too chaotic to even get close to any characters on a 10 day.

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Thanks - decision made - avoidance!!! :slight_smile:

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