MouseSavers/Undercover Tourist

If I am not allowed to ask this here, please Mods, just delete this. I am not trying to navigate people away from Touring Plans.

I subscribe to MouseSavers - I have for years and years. Most months, I just move the email to my “Vacation Information” email box, but when I have a trip in mind I will read it.

Someone on another forum pointed out to me that they have a section that keeps an up-to-date list of the IGT/OGT/VGT rates. I’ve been watching that for a few weeks and am hoping to pounce tomorrow (oh - please be tomorrow) if they list a rate for the 9/30 trip I want.

Well - last night I was reading all the blah-blah-blah words all over the website and lo-and-behold, I read about discounts if you book through Undercover Tourist. So - I just had to give it a try.

I picked a 7-night Fantasy, Western Caribbean out of PC for 9/7 that I would love to go on, if it weren’t for our pesky school schedule.

It is listed as *GT with a VGT.

When I do a mock booking on DCL this is what my cart looks like.

With UCT my cart looks like:

They also throw in a $89 “decor set”… :stuck_out_tongue:

It only saves $200. But that would pay for our hotel the night before. Or parking. Or something. :wink:

What do I “lose” by using an agent. What do I gain?

I have used UCT many times for park tickets - I used this year for DLR and SeaWorld most recently.

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I always use a TA to book my Disney cruises. If there are any problems, she waits on the phone to get the answers. She calls in to make my payments for the cruises and books transportation to and from the port. We usually stay at a Disney resort at least two days before the cruise and she makes those reservations as well. I don’t feel that I’ve ever lost anything using a TA. I do feel that I gain time as she’s the one that invests the time to make the calls and reservations and payments. I can text her any questions I have and get answers.

My first cruise was October 2021 and was one of the first few to go out. She was invaluable to me at that time. For the October 2022 cruise we had booked with a placeholder initially. A VGT rate came up and she called to make those changes for me. For our October 2023 cruise, my DH tore his Achilles tendon and had a saddle clot pulmonary embolism in August and was going to be able to cruise. I was able to call the TA, ask her what my options were since we’d already paid in full, and had her switch DH to adult DS. I know that took some time on the phone for her so that was time I didn’t have to spend.

I’ll always use a TA to book cruises and my Disney vacation rooms.


UT has a great reputation. Are they consider a TA or a 3rd party booking site? This could mean the difference in terms of the sale. May want to check out what the differences are. I’ve only ever bought UOR tix from UT and was very happy with them.
I also love Mouse Savers!

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good point - I think it is more like an Expedia.

I am so sad no *GTs posted (yet) today.

I’ll book this week one way or the other… but I’d love a lower rate.

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