Mousesavers Discount Code for Undercover Tourist

Hey there. We are going to buy our tickets through undercover tourist. I saw that if you subscribe to the mousesavers newsletter you get
a slight discount to tickets through UT. However those discounts are only emailed out once a month on the 15th with their newsletter. I don’t feel like waiting until the 15th. Does anyone have the link or coupon code for the last newsletter they would be willing to share? Or any other discount I can use. Thanks :grinning:

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Here is the Mousesavers link (no password) from the 4 Oct newsletter, it still works but the deals advertised were said to expire 5 Oct. Hopefully it will still give a discount.:crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

Might be better to wait til the 15th.

I believe the Mousesavers discount is only like $1 per ticket versus buying through UC without their discount. So the savings is minimal. It is possible this has changed, but was the case each time I use the Mousesavers link.

ETA…Actually, I just checked. The savings increases slightly for a longer ticket. Less than a $1 for a one day ticket, but close to $5 for a 6 day.

Gotcha. Thank you so much for sharing!! It’s only $5 for 8 day ticket so maybe if I wait it will be better. Thanks :slight_smile:

Very minimal savings haha :slight_smile:

It’s like when Disney discounts kid tickets by like $3/day haha