Motorized scooter?

My DH was hit in the ankle with a baseball a few weeks ago by my DS9. It turns out that it chipped the bone! He is wearing a brace and has been told to keep off it. Unfortunately, it is not healing up very quickly, and he is still in a lot of pain especially if he puts any strain on it. We leave a week from tomorrow!

I remember reading on old chat that there are some off site companies that will deliver directly to your resort. Can you tell me your experience with those - which company, how much, any impressions. Also, any chance that these will be damaged or stolen from the parks? Do they need to be kept dry in case of the inevitable afternoon rains?

Or maybe I should just rent a regular wheelchair for him in the parks? He won’t need it all the time by any means.



As tempting as it is to go with the pink Barbie jeep, it’s going to be hard enough to keep the kids off a normal boring scooter or even basic wheelchair.

Anyone else with ideas / thoughts?

Also, we are staying at Pop - can we park the scooter outside out door or do we need to keep it in the room?

When we stayed at the All Star Music last year, we had to get one for one of my cousin. I forget were we got it, But seem to remember it was a place based on the front desk’s recommendation. I remember that they delivered it to the front of the hotel. We used it and then would return it to that area (several others were there too), so it could be charged.

My cousin had a “bum knee” and was to have it worked on the week after we got back. If the knee bothered him too bad at the end of the day, he would drive the scooter to the room and then one of us would return it to the front of the resort for charging.

Disney had someone there watching them all the time and plenty of outlets to charge the unit. It worked great for us!

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When we traveled with a gal who has PHT and can’t walk long distances because of it, we rented from Buena Vista Scooters. We had a coupon, and so the total for the full week including a $20 damage waiver was about $180. It was a “portable” one, which meant we could take it apart and put it in a car, although for most of the trip we just used the busses and had her drive it on board. The scooter was at the hotel before we arrived, and we just had to drop it off in the lobby when we left. It was incredibly easy. This was in December, so we didn’t have to worry about rain, but they do need to be kept dry. We were at AKV, so we parked the scooter in the room, but I saw a lot of other people who parked theirs outside the door. No idea how it would work at other resorts. Just as long as you remove the key, the odds of it being swiped or taken for a joyride are very low, but I was very happy to pay $20 for a damage waiver just in case.

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We also used Buena Vista scooters and would use them again. We also had the portable kind you could diassemble and put in back of minivan. The one day we were gone from the rental home from rope drop till 11:00 and the battery ran out at the very end of night. Was not a big deal for us but wished we had remembered to bring the charging cord! You cannot let them get wet. We brought along a shower curtain liner and some small clips - think mini chip clips - and stored these in the basket we got with scooter. Worked perfectly. My mom also had a large rain poncho that she wore during a light drizzle and it was big enough to keep the motor dry.

On a side note, you cannot get a diability access card for your DH for waiting in lines. However, some of the attractions you can ride the scooter all the way up to get on and some you need to transfer to a wheelchair which may be necessary depending on line. We just asked the CM at the beginning of each attraction.

You will still have a magical trip! Have fun!

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Ok, great, thanks for the info. He definitely will not need to transfer to a wheelchair. He is up and around fine for short distances, but the strain of all that walking will not help with the healing process, and I am worried that one day in the parks will completely do him in and ruin his trip with the resulting pain. Having the scooter would save him a lot walking, but it also feels like a lot of responsibility for us. I am leaning towards a regular wheelchair, but I don’t know. He refuses to even discuss this because he is convinced that he will be completely better.

Keep in mind that with a regular wheelchair, someone will probably have to push him. The scooter can be inconvenient, and I know from experiences with my Da that squeezing a scooter into a room at Pop can be challenging. But personally, I’d rather deal with a little less floor space in the room than with pushing an adult around all day.

I would not recommended storing the scooter outside of your room. If it rains overnight, the scooter could be damaged. Not fun. At a deluxe resort, it might work, but at a value or mod, I’d be reluctant to tempt fate.

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