Motion sickness?

I have a lot of trouble with spinning rides and going backwards due to motion sickness. Last time, I was at Disney, I did fine on Star Tours, Space Mountain (but it did make my neck a bit sore), Thunder Mountain, and even Primevil Whirl (but I am 5 years older, so a bit nervous about this one). The whirling turtle ride at Storyland totally made me sick as well as the spinning barn which is slow motion, but constant spinning up and down…

Do you think that I can handle Rock N Roller Coaster? It seems really fun, but I have never tried an upside down roller coaster before. I am skipping EE because I am worried about the backwards part. Just wondering how other people who get motion sick, do on this ride.

I don’t recommend it if have any form of motion sickness. If you’ve never done a launch coaster just the initial take off can be a doozie. On top of the you have the high speed inversions. My wife suffers from motion sickness on some rides and can’t handle this. Plus, it does throw you around and you’ll get that “beat up feeling”.

Really… everyone is going to give you multiple opinions. It’s just going to be your judgement call. Personally, if you are going to try a coaster like this, do it at a local Six Flags or something where it doesn’t possibly spoil your expensive and planned out vacation time. It’s a fun ride, but not a unique experience that you can’t get at other places.

RnRC is so much fun !!! It is a bit intense but for the motion sickness part my wife thought EE was worse. For me (moderately prone to motion sickness), RnRC is no problem at all. EE makes me a bit dizzy during the backwards part but I still love it and did it several times in a row on the last trip. To give you some perspective, Star Tours and Primevil Hurl (shout out to my man @Randall1028) give me more trouble than EE. And don’t even get me started on those tea cups…

I was able to handle RnRC with Dramamine. I don’t think I’d do it without. It’s very disorienting.

Wait, how is that referenced to me? I don’t get motion sick (thankfully). I just can’t do heights.

You’re the one who called it this name before, unless I’m mistaken… :wink:

I think so, I don’t think I’ve ever actually referenced the ride? But it’s a good name though. :slight_smile: So I can totally take credit. Cause I’m all generous like that.

LMAO !!! OK well then I apologize to whoever I stole the name from and also shame on you Randall for wanting to steal the credit hahaha !!! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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it’s not “stealing”! It’s… permanently borrowing without consulting.

“stealing” is such an ugly word.


Annexing without consent?


My wife gets motion sickness but she can do RnRC. She says it’s because the ride is smooth. Even though it is fast, it doesn’t affect her like a coaster does that jerks her around or has sharp turns. Space Mountain on the other hand, she cannot do.

But @darkmite2 is right. It’s your judgement call. If you get motion sickness and really want to try it, go ahead. But if I’m in front of you on it, I at last ask that you have dramamine before you get on. :wink:


So, as a coaster geek, here’s my opinion:

I think you’re more likely to have trouble with the launch on RnRC than you are with the inversions.

Disney is doing a really good job of keeping the speed up so that the corkscrews are smooth but not slow. There are plenty of places that run their inverting coasters far too slowly, such that you feel like you’ll fall out - RnRC doesn’t have this trouble.

The launch, on the other hand, is a very sudden acceleration. IMO, it’s the piece that’s most likely to activate your motion sickness.

If you survive the launch, I don’t think you’ll have trouble with the rest of the course. That said, if you’re having concerns over motion sickness, I’d give this one a pass.

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Exactly! That was my initial concern / though. It kicks you in the butt, in a fun way, as it throws you out the door!!

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If you did fine on Space Mountain, I would think you’d be fine on RnRC. Space Mountain causes me a little motion sickness (and neck pain, see the photo for how I solved that), but I’m totally fine on RnRC. Schedule it as your last ride of the day just in case.

I think that I am either going to skip it or do it very last thing of the night in case it goes badly. I would love to try it, but my motion sickness lasts for many hours, so I would hate to mess up a whole day at Disney.


Probably a wise move. Plus, at the end of the day the line should be a little shorter than it normally is. But if it does get you sick, then you will be ready to go back to the room anyway and you can sleep it off (hopefully!)

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I usually don’t do upside down RCs but had the opportunity to do one of the maiden rides of Aerosmith RR and couldn’t pass it up. It goes so fast and is dark enough I never even knew I went upside down. I didn’t feel any motion sickness from the experience. I am thinking I will take the Bonine motion sickness med this year, I am not as young as I used to be.

As mentioned the initial launch is the real thrill of this ride. You do get punched out.

The coaster itself is rather smooth. It is hard to even realize that you are upside down or in a corkscrew.

But i am a coaster junkie.

My DH gets motion sick he rode this ok with dramine. But my advice is to pace yourself if you ride it once fine take a break before trying it again.

DH once rode Kracken at Sea World. Did fine with our friend. When I went to ride it after he got off he felt fine and decided that was fun. Lets do it again. Bad move. He spent the next four hoyrs in the penguin exhibit ac.

I can’t say I’d you’ll be ok or not. I can just share that I get bad motion sickness. I can’t ride in the back seat of a car for more than a 1/2 mile before i get sick. If we take the train I get sick no matter where i sit, but even more so when i sit facing backwards.

For WDW, plane flight, trains, etc. I just take Bonine and I have no issues. I can go on all WDW rides, including EE, ToT, RnR, FoP, Space & Thunder Mountains, Astro Orbiter, Mission Space, etc. Even rides at Universal Florida (although the one Harry Potter ride still gets me a little tipsy, however it doesn’t have me looking for a trash can when I get off) are no problem.

I forgot Bonine in the room on an AK day once and rather than miss my Fastpass, I hit a shop in the park and got Dramamine Non-drowsy… It made me Shakey and I still got sick on EE. With Bonine I have no side effects and no motion sickness.

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