Motion sickness things

So 9 days until I leave and I grabbed some Bonine at the store for my GOTG day. The last time I took it was forever and a day ago.
For those who do take it, do you take it for a few days in a row or the morning of or an hour before the ride? What works for you?
I pretty much will only be using it for GoTG, one day.
I’m worried I’ll already be exhausted from traveling that it will make me conk out.

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Take it the night before. Even the non drowsy makes me extremely sleepy. I took it the morning of my preview ride and by 2pm I am toast.

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Ugh. We’re flying out at 6 am and I work until 11:30 pm the night before. Not sure that’s the best idea


You may also want to try Ginger pills. They are completely non-drowsy, but they aren’t as strong, obviously. Either take regular Dramamine the night before, or if you need to take something last minute, or if you aren’t going on something too wild, try one of these.


I don’t use Bonine specifically because it doesn’t work for me. I do take less drowsy Dramamine though and I start taking it the day before my trip begins and then each day of the trip. We rode GoTG in May and it was amazing. There was one point where I felt a little head spacey out of myself, but it was short lived. If you have concerns, do research on where to sit. Not just front to back (I think they say the middle is the best) but also first or second to load.

ETA the less drowsy Dramamine does not make me drowsy at all. Maybe try it one day when you’re home before the trip to see how it affects you


I bought ginger gum for my DS. He starts chewing it a little while before the attraction and for a while after.


I’m thinking I might take a half of a pill for a few days to see how I do and then take a full one on my day off from work to see how if affects me.

I rode it preview in may and got the last row and I got a bit nauseated about half way through. I think some of it was sheer anxiety as well, I work myself up in my head. I felt fine after I got off except I was shaking terribly from the adrenaline. Had a drink at the nearest alcohol dispensing place .

This time I’ll be asking for the middle rows. We don’t arrive in Florida until around 11:30 and won’t be heading to the park until the afternoon.

It’s a Monday so there is Extra hours as well.


Half a pill, morning of. A full pill still makes me drowsy. Half pill is enough to do the job for me.


They are the exact same medication.

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So says my husband as well. He keeps trying to make me take it before going on the boat. And yet. I puke if I use Bonine. :woman_shrugging:

It is the exact same active ingredient, as I had expired Bonine at home and got the less drowsy Dramamine today so I compared labels.
Maybe one of the inactive ingredients is the one you’re having a reaction to ?


This sounds manageable. Thinking a half a pill when I get in the plane, and try to nap

That’s a thought. Makes sense.

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Has anyone tried the wristband? My niece used to use this for her motion sickness. I am unsure what she’s doing now.

My sister used to do a quarter Dramamine or she’d fall asleep. Drinking coffee. Lately, she’s been including more rides in her don’t ride list. It’s apparently easier.

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I have read various studies done about different remedies. Sea bands and other such things do not work any better than a placebo. In other words, they don’t really do anything aside from act as a distraction. (People who say they help attribute the wrist bands as to the reason…but it ends up not being the case.)

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This may be why they are amazing for kids.

Mine cannot take any of the usual otc pills (they have a weird inverse CNS that makes them really wired and tweaky from things that usually make people drowsy).

They don’t usually have an issue with rides but long car trips can do it and they had a long bus commute to their summer camp this year so I wanted to do something for them. I was pretty skeptical but got them some Sea Bands and was shocked by how happy they were with them.

But these are little people that also won’t go anywhere without their special rocks that keep away bad dreams so there is that……


My roommate takes her meds and ginger starting 2 days before the cruise. She’s usually fine, unless we hit very rough seas.

Almost all of the musicians on the music cruises I go on get scopalamine patches, unless they’ve cruised enough before that know for sure they won’t get sick. Since that’s been a major thing I haven’t seen one show get canceled or interrupted by a musician running offstage to barf, so they must really work.

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When I go deep sea fishing I take one a night and a half in the AM. Truth be told I have no idea if deep sea will make me sick because I’ve just always taken bonine - I get car sick and sea sick on cruise ships, but not smaller boats/yachts and I just don’t want to risk it out fishing for 8 hours.

When I go to ride Gaurdians I will definitely take it night before and day of. I do all the rides except for Mission Space (have never tried) and can only do RnR & SD once and can’t go back to back.

We used the ReliefBand and it definitely did work for us. It sends out a pulse/vibration that interferes with some neurological pathway or something… For my son, my husband, and me- it totally worked. We all had to keep eyes closed on Star Tours and Simpsons, for instance, without the band. But with the band, it made a huge difference. For actual motion, like rides that go upside down or mess with you that way more than screens, it’s only slightly helpful. It can decrease nausea after the ride, for sure.

I don’t know if SeaBands work differently, but the ReliefBand anyway is a big help.

I don’t tolerate the dramamine or meclizine or even zofran very well!

The Relief band “works” by acting as a distraction, and is no more effective than a placebo. You can use any distraction technique, and it would be just as effective. Numerous studies has shown the Relief Band to be no more effective than a placebo

Note…being no more effective than a placebo doesn’t mean you don’t notice (or in the very least, think you notice) a difference. The placebo effect can be real. It just means it isn’t actually the device itself doing the helping…but your own actions/mind.

There are some studies done which have shown slight benefit…but those studies have not typically been entirely scientific. The “slight benefit” can, even in those cases, be attributed to a placebo effect.