Motion sickness at UOR vs WDW

How do rides at UOR compare to WDW when it comes to motion sickness potential? The only Disney ride that was ever a problem for me and my family was Mission Space (green).

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Much much much worse…

  1. The Simpsons has literally made me vomit. Ask for Floor 2 Room 6 as this does help me being in the center.
  2. Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey is probably the next one that makes me very very sick. I have to sometimes close my eyes in the rooms with screens.
  3. Any of the rides with screens have the potential depending on how tired I am and how long its been since i’ve eaten like The Transformers, Spiderman, Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts, Despicable Me and Jimmy Fallon.

I am perfectly fine motion sick wise on anything without a screen BUT Hulk and RRR have the potential to make me black out (vision wise, not falling asleep) so they are intense in a different way.

*Weirdly I don’t ever remember being sick on Kong, maybe it’s the fact the screens are on the sides?


If you get sick on Star Tours, the rides @jennyturin mentioned will affect you, and probably be much worse. Being sick on Mission Space only is not that good an indicator since there’s nothing quite like that at UOR.

Forbidden Journey made me very sick, almost to the point of vomiting, but I’ve heard they changed something about the video since I rode it. I don’t think that would help me though since I’m that case it was the ride movement itself that made me sick (robotic arm vehicles).

Gringotts does not make me sick. The screens are used during times with minimal motion. But there is the potential it could affect someone prone to motion sickness.

Hope that helps!


@jennyturin @Jeff_AZ Sounds terrible!! Should I skip Simpsons & Forbidden journey? Maybe do the others first and see how it goes?

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Simpson’s made me quite nauseous the first time I rode it but a couple of years they removed the 3D effect and now it’s mostly fine. Try those wrist things with the pressure point balls in them. It might be a placebo effect but I do think they helped me! Also the entire first time I went to WDW and UOR, I had to take Dramamin every day. For some reason, it doesn’t make me sleepy but it is a side effect.


Work your way up to it. You might be fine. Does Star Tours affect you at all?

ETA: I think Forbidden Journey is worth a try at least once. It’s unlike anything else, so you can’t really say if it will affect you unless you try it. And it’s a really cool ride. The queue is worth walking through on its own, even if you bail before boarding.


Not really. Everyone in my family was fine too. Thank you! I will try them all and we will see

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That’s a good sign. You might as well try everything. Most people are fine, otherwise they wouldn’t have a line. :joy:

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FJ is infamous for vertigo and nausea on some folks. DW was done for the day after that, even with a dramamine. It’s the immersive screens I think that push folks over the edge with sensory overload. The motion alone isn’t that bad. A hack is to close your eyes.

Velocicoaster is unusually smooth for a coaster of its intensity, and focuses on negative-G’s, unlike Hulk which is punishing.

Btw UOR first aid stations give out dramamine.


They actually have a vomit room for people to get fresh clothes to wear after they’ve thrown up all over themselves.

It really isn’t.

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Hagrid nudges me a little towards motion sickness. There are lots of accelerations and decelerations. I couldn’t ride it twice in a row. If that were somehow an option.

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I wish Forbidden Journey wasn’t good, because I will never ride it again. I was hovering over the trash can after I got off and didn’t recover fully for the rest of the day.

Transitions from video to “live action” just don’t work for me. Meeting Kong at the end of Kong doesn’t work. And FJ is constantly (literally) hurling you from real sets to video screens. Not good.


It’s one of those ones that if I ride it like my first day and my vestibular system isn’t jacked up from a couple of days of intense rides, then I’m okay. I might feel a bit queasy in the screens rooms but for this ride I can just close my eyes or start figuring out how the ride works by looking around the sides if I’m in the edge seat and then I feel better. But last time I rode it Day 2 after VelociCoaster and I needed a good hour sitting outside at Three Broomsticks with a cold lemonade to regain my composure. It was very bad last time. But Simpsons is still the only ride I’ve literally upchucked after. My whole family 60+ parents included were all laughing about how great it was and I was lagging behind them very very green lol. I tolerate it for them but I always ask for level 2 room 6 and then I just get the light queasy I can suffer thru. I suffer on a lot of those rides for the family’s sake cuz I’m a trooper so I don’t know about your theory about there still being lines means most people don’t get sick. Maybe they’re just troopers like me. lol. But to your point Star Tours has the potential to make me sick too. It’s about 50/50 depending on where we visit and what row I’m in plus if I’m all the way on the sides. My brain does not like images that do match up with motion at all! It’s a perfectionist. However, I was really nervous VR would make sick but I loved the Void and my son has made me try his oculus so I find that intriguing as to why that doesn’t bother me?


I agree. I wish it was 100% live sets because they are masterful.

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