Motion Sickness and Rides--any good ones?

I get motion sick easily, and am also prone to vertigo (yep, I’m just super fun!) :wink: Which rides should I stay away from? Or maybe a better question would be: are there any rides at Universal that I can do? I can do Splash Mtn. at WDW, but stay away from the roller coasters. I tried TOT a few years ago and was sick for a few hours after… TIA!!!

I suffer from motion sickness on rides, too… but do OK on everything at WDW except Mission Space. At UOR, I would suffer on most of the big rides as many are motion simulator types that really get to me. However, I use Rx Scopolamine patches during our UOR trips and can ride everything! They are supposed to last for 3 days, but the first time I used them, I discovered they only work 2 days for me. We rode Forbidden Journey first thing on a 3rd day of the patch and I was sick all morning. They don’t make me drowsy, like Dramamine, but do make me thirsty. It is well worth it for me as I love rides and hate to be sick! You might talk to your doctor about preventing motion sickness instead of avoiding the rides. I just think you will miss out on so much at UOR.

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I’ll look in to that. Thanks! It would be great to be able to ride something that isn’t Pirates of the Caribbean! :wink: I’ve stayed away from meds because they only ones I’ve taken are Bonine and Dramamine and they both make me so spacey and tired. I am wondering if there are any semi-calm rides in UOR that I could do if I’m not taking anything, though…

At USF Minon Mayhem offers a row of seats that does not move, so that might help you out. You should be OK riding the Hogwarts Express train. There are also lots of shows at USF. At IOA, you might be OK with the water rides if you can do Splash Mountain (Ripsaw Falls, Bilge-Rat Barges, and JP River Adventure) but be warned that you get VERY wet on most of these. In Seuss Landing there is a Trolley Train and a Cat in the Hat ride that are pretty tame. Good luck!

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I am at the parks now. My wife tried the patch for the first time this trip and it has done wonders for her. She has ridden stuff she wouldn’t have thought of riding with almost no issues


Thank you!

That’s two recommendations for the patch–it does sound great! Will you keep us updated on how long it lasts? It only lasted for two days for @park_n_it. Thanks so much for answering, @park_n_it and @mdcorbitt!

It has to be changed every 72 hours and seemed to work the whole time

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Thank you! :blush:

So happy to hear the patch helps with the motion rides - we’re going next week and I’ve already put in my order with my husband to get us some. DD16 doesn’t need it - nothing gets to her.

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I would try the patch before your trip. I would wear one to fly 2 hours to Florida & was ok except for a dry mouth. I tried wearing it when we flew to Italy & it caused a severe, painful, dry sore throat & dry eyes as well. No way I could wear it that long again.

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@pod4christ We used patches when my parents treated us to a cruise 12 years ago. My husband said “oh, it’s a huge boat with stabilizers, you won’t get sick.” HA! 24 hours out of port I was dying. Put on the patch and was great for the rest of the trip. Have to be careful when putting in contact lenses, though. DH used the patch then put in his contacts without washing his hands first, and his pupils dilated so he couldn’t focus on anything for about a day.


I have inner ear problems and get motion sick really easily. I bought a relief band and wearing it I was able to ride everything with NO issues at all. I even did fj 3 times in a row. For me the relief band was a miracle worker.

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Thank you @nicki401, this is great information! Can you tell me more about it? I have sea bands-are they the same thing?

its this : h This one you only have to wear on 1 arm. It sends little electrical currents into your arm. There are 5 different intensities to it- I used level 3 and it worked the best for me. Its an odd sensation at first you feel little tingles in the middle of your palm and through 2 of your fingers but it really works. what I did was leave it on my wrist all day and just turned it on when I got on rides. I took it off when I had lunch and added a little more of the conductor gel also. I bought it thinking it probably wouldn’t help much but i was desperate-I get so motion sick I cant even read in a car. And spinning makes me throw up- even slow spinning. Needless to say i was shocked when I was able to go on everything with no problems.

I had used the sea bands earlier in the year at disney with ginger pills and motion eaze behind my ears and it helped- but I couldn’t go on the rougher rides back to back like i did with the relief band. I didnt get sick but I did feel a little bit dizzy and off balance- especially at the end of the week. I didnt even try EE (b/c of the backwards part) or Space ranger spin (b/c of the spinning).With the relief band I felt great the whole time. I can not say enough good things about the relief band, it it really amazing. When I go back to disney this year I am definitely going on EE and SRS with my relief band.


thank you!

I second what @nicki401 says about the relief band. I had the exact same experience. It is a miracle worker! Nothing else has worked for me, but I rode everything at Universal with the relief band. I met several other people at the park who were also using one.

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Thank you! I found one on Amazon! :relaxed: