Mother/son trip report Day 3

Yesterday was our Magic Kingdom day. We arrived early and we were able to see the morning show. A liner family was the family of the day. How exciting!

Our RD ride was Peter Pan since I had a FPP for BTMR, Splash and 7DMT. I was so lucky to get 7DMT since I planned this trip only 3 weeks in advance so I had missed not only the 60 day window but also the 30 day off site window. When looking for FPP be persistent and keep looking. You may get lucky.

Tomorrowland Speedway, Dumbo and Barnstormer and off to Crystal Palace for breakfast. I always enjoy the CP meals. The food is much better than Chef Mickeys , it's cheaper and ADRs are easier to get. I was surprised when he requested this but was glad he did because it was a nice meal and it reminded me of the times we took him when he was little.

Then we were off to 7DMT and BTMR. 7DMT has grown on me. I still wish it was longer but I like it. I like it best at night. Ben liked BTMR. This was the first time in years that he's been on it. He hated it years ago. It's my favorite Mountain in MK.

Next up was the Laugh Floor where his joke was chosen. People mover and Splash. Again, first time on Splash in years. Had to request to not be in the first row. He doesn't like to be wet and Splash isn't too bad if you're not in the front.

The plan was to leave now but he decided he wanted to try Space. Originally he said he didn't want to ride which is why we didn't do it at RD. We were fortunate that it was not too crowded. 35 minute wait but all indoors where it is cool. If you want to ride BTMR, Splash, 7DMT and Space and you're going in the summer, I'd consider FPP for the other 3 and not Space because at least if you have to wait you get an air conditioned building. For the others, you don't for at least part of the line.

He loved Space. It's now number 2 on his list after TT. Grabbed a FPP for Space for the evening and we were on our way. For additional FPP selections, if the lines by Buzz are long, try by Stich. There were long lines by Buzz and only a few people by Stich.

Had a little pool time and got cleaned up for dinner.

Headed back to MK. Laugh Floor again (this becomes a common occurrence) and off to BOG. Again, I was surprised he requested BOG but he wanted it because he likes the food and how pretty the room is. About a week and a half before we left I got an ADR for a 7:45. Again, very lucky. He had the kids steak and I got the braised pork. He could have used a little more steak but I was afraid he wouldn't eat it all if I got the adult size and it's expensive. Plus, I knew we could always get a snack later. The pork was good. I thought it was better than seafood I had there previously.

We had our Space Fpp. The liner meet was going to be after wishes. I wanted him to see Celebrate the Magic. We tried to watch from main street but it was too crowded. Ben struggles with an anxiety disorder and that makes tolerating that many people on top of him really difficult. We bailed and headed toward Liberty Square via Caseys. That was bad. The walkways were not being kept clear and a lot of people were yelling. It was stressful. We found a spot to stand by Caseys and stayed there more to just not be in the log jam than to see. We did see Celebrate the Magic but couldn't hear well. That was fine. We mostly just wanted out of the mess.

That cleared up so we headed to the Diamond Horseshoe. From there we watched wishes. Obviously you don't see the castle but we had a perfect view of the non Castle fireworks without the crowds. The music was piped in and it's much quieter over there. Although it's not the complete Wishes experience, this is a great spot if you can't handle crowds.

At 10:15 I got to meet some liners! I've never met liners in the parks before and it was nice to put some faces with names. We met Star wisher, ChipinNy, 999HappyHaunts, and Joannes1959, plus their respective family members. We were hoping to meet Niter but he couldn't make it. I think everyone was going to watch the 11:00 parade but Ben is not a parade kid so we went to the Laugh Floor, again.

The park was open until 2 am but I knew better so we were on our way.


Sounds like a wonderful day. I have the same sort of anxiety issues with crowds and Wishes was NOT my favorite. I'm hoping to skirt the crowds when in there solo in November. I actually do better when I'm by myself because I don't have to worry about other people.

I can totally relate to worrying about other people, Sally. That was one of the things that was great taking my kids individually. There was only one person to worry about instead of four.

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Thanks for the tips. Sounds like a wonderful time, save for the MSUSA Wishes crowds, which I try to avoid as well. Hope someday my DS will go on a solo trip with me. Or I should say, I hope someday I will be able to afford to take my kids separately. Great quality time!