Mother/Daughter Trip - Fall 2020

I think I have my mom and sister on board for a quick trip next fall to celebrate my mom’s 65th birthday!! Yay!!!

We will be there 4 days/3 nights. Mom loves MK. Could probably just go there the entire time and she’s be happy. She likes the other parks too but MK is by far her favorite. She likes rides a little (loves Splash and 7D, won’t ride BTM or Space) but really likes to soak up the atmosphere. It will be my sister’s first time to the World since we were kids (1992 I think?).

I tend to be a balls-to-the-wall kind of park visitor. I love to ride as much as possible, see as much as possible but I’d love to slow down and with mom not loving a ton of rides gear our TPs more towards her interest. I’ve asked her to be looking to give me input on her must dos as far as activities, rides, food, etc but wanted to reach out to the Liner community for feedback as well. What are your favorite non-ride things to do in the parks? Favorite adult only dining?


Like you I don’t know how to stop and smell the roses, so I’m no help there. As far as dining, I think Victoria and Albert’s would be a spectacular way to celebrate your mom’s birthday!


I’d plan at least a half day for food & wine.

Jiko & California Grill would both be on my list.

Fireworks cruise would be fun for her birthday.


Oooo that’s a great idea!!! And yes, it’ll be a challenge for me I’m sure.

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I’d love to do CG brunch with them. Gotta tinker around with the dates. Currently looking at Wednesday through Saturday and I know brunch only runs on Sunday.

And I cannot tell you how pumped I am to do F&W with them!! :cupcake::star_struck::wine_glass:


CG brunch is amazing! Yes it’s only on Sunday. My husband and I did it on our departure day last summer. We did After Hours the last night, slept in the next AM, then did CG brunch. It was a perfect low-key way to end our trip.

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Seconding @kerrilux to say even if not V&A specific, definitely something fancy/dress up that you can only do with the girls.

For my pretend girls weekend with my BFF (tentatively scheduled for 2023), we would stay in the Epcot area and do a park in the morning, then walk to Epcot at night. Either do Kimonos at the Swolphin or the new Takumi Tae (sp.?) for a girl night out since my DH is not a very adventurous eater. Only 1000 days to go!

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That sounds so perfect!!

For sure fancy. Maybe the new signature at the riviera? We’ve never been to CG so that’s for sure up there on the wish list.

I’m eager to see the reviews of the new BatB themed lounge at GF. My sister was obsessed with that movie when we were younger. Also, Nomad cuz apparently it’s amazing. Basically all of the lounges that aren’t as enjoyable with four small children :laughing:


I took my mom 2 years ago for her 80th bday. She doesn’t ride many rides, but I made sure she rode everything she wanted to. (You tube was GREAT for this) The best was when my DD said Nanny, you’re riding Test Track?! She said yeah, I rode it on YouTube and it was fine :joy:
Since she loves MK, I think a fireworks dessert party to end the trip might be really nice.
Not sure where you are staying, but a nice relaxing breakfast at BOMA was great. The resort is so nice to just hang out at too.
Same can be said for many of the resorts, so maybe RD MK - then leave for a nice lunch at one of the resorts.


I’d like to take some more time in world showcase to explore the shops and try some snacks around the world.


Your mom sounds so fun!! I have such amazing memories of my grandparents riding Splash Mountain with us when we were kids (they were also in their 80s). What a precious memory!! Makes me all teary.

I’m not 100% sure where we’ll be staying. We are DVC members at Copper Creek but I would love to stay in an Epcot resort since we’ll be there during F&W. I DID make a room reservation at Yacht Club the other day as “insurance” if I decided resort location is paramount for us but I keep trying to reason with myself on how silly it’d be to pay OOP for the room. I’m just not super optimistic about 7 month out availability for DVC during that time of the year.

Love the DP idea for HEA. I’m contemplating the Keys to the Kingdom tour as well. I think that’d be something that she’d really enjoy and it’s not something we can do with the kids there.