Most robust DVC quick service

Hi - we are still planning to go down in October (thankfully we have the ability to quarantine on the way home) but have made a few changes and are no longer bringing a couple of people with us. I’ve been thinking of downgrading from a 1-bedroom to a studio since it will just be 3 of us. DVC availability is insanely open right now, so we’re looking at a split stay over 8 nights.

Without a 1-bedroom, we obviously lose the full kitchen which seems more important than ever right now. We don’t really plan to eat in a ton of restaurants, so I’m curious if anyone has opinions on the “best” and/or most robust quick service locations with the most options. We would likely need to grab breakfast a couple of days and dinner on the way back from the park most nights. I’ve heard “bad” things about quick service on BWV and BCV and those were kind of high on our list, so I was hoping to get some opinions. Thanks!

Contempo Cafe (BLT-adjacent) is pretty darned good
Mara (AKL-Jambo) when it’s open is always rated very high
Primo Piatto (Riviera) has gotten good reviews since opening
Roaring Forks (BRV/CCV adjacent) gets high marks
Captain Cooks (Poly is always a favorite)


The Contempo Cafe is pretty good as far as QS at a deluxe is concerned.

I’m not sure about the status of QS at WL currently. It seems as if Geyser Point is/was open but only for take away, not sitting at the tables. And I have no idea if Roaring Fork is open. Normally I would have said WL had good QS options though. But of course the regular resort isn’t slated to open at all for now.

I would agree about BCV and BWV, although the Swan & Dolphin have decent options - handier for BWV given the path from BC is blocked. Can’t comment on Poly and GFV. The NBA should be out of GF by then, but I think there was talk of starting next season at WDW too so I don’t know how that affects things.

The QS at Saratoga is pretty good from recollection. Forget OKW for QS!

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Roaring Forks is open right now. I think the combo of Roaring Forks/Geyser Point can’t be beat. For variety and size if the Mara was open it would be my 2nd choice.


How doable is this? We’ve never stayed or honestly really explored much of the Crescent Lake area. Like if we were leaving DHS could DH realistically run to the Swan and grab dinner to bring back to our room at BWV or is it a hike? We actually kind of like the clown pool! (No flames!)

BRV is another top choice although it drops a little in the transportation category. I forgot about Geyser point which is nice since there seem to be limited outdoor dining options!

I wish the Poly studios were a litttttle less points!

Thank you all for your input! This feels like picking favorite children and who would have thought I would even have all these choices at 3 months!

It is about a 5 minute walk? It is very easy. BlueZoo lounge has always been one of my favorite spots for a quick dinner (Dolphin). All of the EP area resorts are easy to jump to.


Thank you! While I have my 3 of my favorite ladies on one single thread, can you perhaps advise on a split-stay conundrum?

Here is the current order of my APRS (admittedly I can change them) but I can’t find a good Epcot “half” versus MK half to pick a good hotel. I picked trying to avoid weekends at Epcot and DHS, but I also would prefer to spread the parks around a little. If I do the first 4 nights at BWV and the second 4 at BRV then I’m stuck maybe taking more buses than I would like. Any recommendations?

10/18: Epcot
10/19: MK
10/20: DHS
10/21: AK
10/22: Epcot
10/23: MK
10/24: Pool
10/25: DHS

If you switched the 21st & 22nd, you would have a better split.

2 Epcot days, 1 DHS and an MK day from the Boardwalk area.

1 MK, 1 AK (which would be a bus from anywhere) and 1 DHS from WL, you would also have two pools and maybe even a visit to FW for that break day.


There is a chance the EP monorail will not be running during your stay? I am trying to think if the MK/EP combo is an advantage.

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Ya, I’m thinking monorail access is unfortunately not worth it for this trip. I haven’t heard a thing about the Epcot line and Poly/BLT are on the higher end of points. So I would just be using the boat from WL.

@Nickysyme now I’m tempted to just stay at BWV the entire time because I would need to waitlist the 23rd at BRV! But FW would be really fun though.

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Although I love the boat to MK, I agree with @Nickysyme.

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Agree on OKW. Does Disney keep crappy QS here because the villas are so nice?

Capt Cooks was a favorite - until our last trip - menu change - and the current menu doesn’t impress.

The Bakery at BWV had decent breakfast sandwiches last year. Idk about other meals. We also enjoyed the pizza from the pizza window when we were at BWV. And the ice cream from the shop (Screen Door?) one evening. DH still wears the Mickey lounge pants I picked up spur of the moment on the way to the ice cream freezer. (Rarely buy souvenirs)

Agree about the QS at SSR. (We also enjoyed the food at their TS. Can’t say that about OKW.)

Agree. Primo Piatto is great.

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Ok, update! I have a new, VERY different trip booked now! The first 5 nights in a Boardwalk studio (allows us to still walk to Epcot the morning of check out) and then 3 nights at Boulder Ridge! It was touch and go a little for booking at Boardwalk availability came and went and came back and then I had to waitlist our last night at BRV but my waitlist came through in less than 24 hours. I think it all speaks to the uncertainty in bookings right now. (Also didn’t realize that BRV has <40 studios!)

As an unexpected bonus both of these villas have the little pull down bed that my DS4 will love!

I’m about 2 weeks away from ADRs and I am not sure I’m going to book any. :scream: I just can’t decide if Topolino’s is worth the money.


I’ve seen reports saying Topolino’s isn’t really “working” in it’s new character dining experience. Lots of kids rushing up to hug the characters amongst other things, plus the new format maybe isn’t worth the money.

I would leave it this time.