Most Magical Moment

Wow, that is a great story.

One of my favorite magical moments was watching the Wishes fireworks go off while riding Dumbo over and over. There were only 4 people back there, so the CM just kept the ride going until the fireworks ended.


I think I may be exploring this option more in coming trips, as HEA is really not doing it for me.

I’ll say I didn’t post that link in response because I meant to stop further discussion, only that it was a starting point, since it is effectively the same topic.


Hoop Dee Doo revue years ago when sons were 8 and 6. One of the actresses came and sat in my husband’s lap and was flirting with him (as part of the script :smile:); oldest son proceeded to pull on actresses sleeve and say to her " 'scuse me ma’am, but he’s already married" But the best part is after the show, the actress made a point of finding my son to explain to him that it was all part of the show


Great moments in this thread! Always love these kind of discussions.

I’ve posted this photo of my daughter before, but just exemplifies the happiness of our first family trip.

Long story short: We were supposed to go to WDW in 2012, but my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. Fast forward, once my wife was through with everything the next year and just after finishing up her radiation we were able to go down. This photo was from our breakfast at CRT as our daughter heard the announcement overhead and just realized she was going to meet Snow White. Photo still gets me.


okay, now I’m really CRYING


Oh, and looking back at my trip report from then also reminds me how much I miss the Osborne Lights. 2nd time today I’ve referenced them!


Great photos!

That first time walking onto Main Street sure is memorable whether you are a child or an adult when you get to do it.


Yah, I was just thinking today how much I miss the Osborne Lights. Our last trip was their last go round and I feel lucky we made it over twice to see them. Amazing how compelling some Xmas lights can be. One of those “it’s really tough to explain, you have to experience it things” I think…


Oh my! That photo just shot pixie dust in my eyes!


On our last trip, all my 4 year old son wanted was to meet and fight Darth Vader. I spent months stressing out that we wouldn’t get signed up for Jedi Training Academy, that we would get signed up and then he wouldn’t get to fight Vader, or that something else would go wrong. Thanks to all of the help from people in this group, we got signed up with no problem, and knew which line to get in to make sure he got to fight Vader. When the temple doors opened, and Vader walked out, his face lit up like I have never seen before and I literally started tearing up. Later that day, he met Darth Vader and his life was perfect. 3 days after we left, they switched over to Kylo Ren.

(Tried to add picture, but I can’t seem to get it to work.)


One of my most magical moments from this trip was sitting on our WL balcony on our very first night with DD7 and DD4 watching the MK fireworks in their pjs. DD7 turned to DH and I and said “If this is a dream, I don’t want to wake up”. It was a special start to our vacation!


I cry every time my kids do Jedi training. There’s something about how little they are bravely facing these big, bad guys that just gets to me.


My son’s favorite character in 2016 was Captain Phasma. At HS, my husband and daughter went to do rock n roll roller coaster and my son and I did Star Tours then waited for the show with Phasma and the stormtroopers. We were sitting right at the front, wearing Star Wars t shirts, when a cast member asked if it was just the two of us. I said yes, and he said to follow him!

We got to march into the show with Phasma and the stormtroopers, stand at the very front, and then march out with the stormtroopers, into Launch Bay, trade with a Jawa, and then got skip the line and meet Kylo Ren and Chewbacca.

Because my husband and daughter were on the roller coaster, they missed almost all of this. My husband also misunderstood that we were IN the march not just AT the march but managed to run into us during the march and grab a few photos.


Aw, I love all your stories!!

Our family’s had to be witnessing Osbourne’s Spectacle of Holiday Lights at Hollywood Studios for the first and only time - very sad it is gone.


I am a cry baby while at Disney. Welcome show? Bawling. Fireworks? Bawling. Character meet? Bawling. Looking at the park entrance? Bawling. My most magical moment was taking my Mom for the first time to MK. In the old MK welcome show, after the train shuffles in and whistles, I turn and my Mom is also crying like a baby and waving madly at Chip ‘n’ Dale. Now I know where I got the crying from!


As with all of you here I am a huge Disney fan. In 2014, my husband and I went back to Disney, it had been a number of years since we last went. Most of my touring was done solo and both of us were okay with that.

I usually skip the parades, but I decided to watch the Festival of Fantasy parade. I was entranced. It was awesome. Then I saw her. The beautiful, steampunk dragon, Maleficent. Suddenly I could not see. The pixie dust was in my eyes. It was powerful and magical.

I still cry each time I see her at the parks, but not as strongly as I did watching that time. I love Disney, and I love dragons, I have hand painted many beautiful ceramic dragons myself. So two of my loves happened together, I was spellbound. Nothing else mattered as long as Maleficent was in my sights.

So yeah most magical moment.


Y’all my eyes are leaking!!!

I understand that characters are real humans and I’m adult. I’m also a mom who’s trying to model thankfulness and being mindful of other people’s feelings. I know being a character isn’t always an easy job. So for our trip 2 weeks ago I got some card stock paper and envelopes and made little thank you cards for everyone from bus drivers to waitstaff cast members to every character we were planning to meet and a few extra. Yes, it was a lot!! I had Andie color on each one and talked about being grateful for other people. My mom has let me know since the trip that she silently thought I was going overboard but that it turned out to be a really nice thing and wants to do them next time. So… in some of them I wrote little extra notes and to be honest forgot about it. Most of the characters didn’t acknowledge any of it much beyond hugging my daughter. But on a total whim (and kind of a lull in our touring plan which had a couple of last minute changes) and the magic of an extra anytime FPP to burn we went to meet Minnie Mouse at the Epcot character spot. That was the very best character experience I’ve been a part of. Better than Andie giggling at Prince Charming at 1900, better then the beautiful interactions and pictures at CRT, just the best!!! Why??? Mickey took time to dance with Andie; his handler noticed her pants were Mickey colors and pointed out to him— not a sole had noticed all day. Goofy got in the floor with her and played- he noticed her “cow boots”. Because Minnie Mouse “asked” her handler to read her the card and I’d forgot I’d wrote anything extra. But that person got it. She saw my heart. And her response touched my heart deeply. As tiny as the Minnie was I’m fairly confident this was a woman and she saw me as more than a guest, she saw my heart and acknowledged it as good. I’ll nrver forget how good that felt.

Anyway, here’s a couple of pictures.