Most Magical Moment

Inspired by the thread about our favorite CM interactions…what is your most magical WDW moment?

On our family’s first ever trip to WDW we spent our last day in MK and that evening we decided that our last ride of the trip would be BTMR. We got to the highest point on the track just as the fireworks for that evening started booming all above us. You couldn’t have scripted a tv commercial any better! Needless to say, the magic captured us that night and hasn’t let go since.


My error. Didn’t realize this had been discussed recently. I will withdraw the post if someone can tell me how to do so.

No need! I have to say that I always love seeing the fireworks form Big Thunder. I always tried to time it right with Wishes but it always seemed to work best as an accident.

I love “perfect Disney days”. Those days when all your planning just magically seems to work!


On the fireworks front I always enjoy doing Splash at night with the one turn where you face the castle - lit up with fireworks is always great. Also always enjoy People Mover during the fireworks. Along the lines of “serendipitous” magic moments another favorite is catching the Electrical Water Pageant. Ideally at a monorail resort, but off the boat to/from TTC works well as well. It’s cheesy and I’m not sure I’d ever definitively make plans to catch it, but I always really enjoy seeing it at least once on a trip…


Most magical moment? Character lunch at Crystal Palace, DD8, who was not a fan of character meals, gave a huge, fierce, prolonged hug to piglet. Such that there was an audible “awwwwweee…” from all the tables around us.



One of the magical things about the WDW experience is this forum. I don’t remember seeing the thread @ryan1 reposted above. But I welcome the opportunity to read people’s experiences in this thread and I’ll post my own later.

Have I misread things, or are you feeling particularly grumpy @ryan1?


At 1900 Park Fare dinner, my youngest (not quite 5 at the time) was dressed as Cinderella. All of the characters made a fuss over her but my favourite was Prince Charming. He got her to stand up and then knelt down beside her to link arms for a picture. Absolutely adorable! She was beaming. My only regret is that the phone we took the picture on fried itself and we didn’t have the pictures backed up.


After a 77 day wait that seemed like an eternity, my friend and I arrived at MK. At the very moment we set foot on Main Street, the dance parade began. It felt like they’d waited just for us.

Actually being there was a little overwhelming. This picture captures the moment:

Regular readers will know that I’m something of a worrier. One of the things that I’d worried about was what bag I was going to use to carry around with me in the parks. I’d settled on a backpack that seemed ideal. But as soon as I arrived in Florida, I knew I wouldn’t want it hanging over my shoulder and on my back.

So I went bag shopping on Main Street and I found a bag I really liked. The “problem” was it was a woman’s bag. But I’d listened carefully to the words of HEA — the message seemed to me to be “be who you are”. Well, part of who I am is that I’m a guy who likes nice bags and I liked this bag.

The sales assistant — sorry, cast member — was wholly unfazed by a guy buying a woman’s bag. She made the whole experience hugely fun and she even gave me a button that read “I’m celebrating” to which she added the words “rocking my new bag”.

And one of the special things about WDW is that a guy can walk around carrying a woman’s bag and no-one bats an eyelid.

As a gay man who’s lived much of his life feeling overwhelmed by shame, that whole thing was pretty special for me.

(I gave the bag to my friend when we left. I’m not ready to carry it down the streets of my hometown!)

And here’s me proudly showing Mickey the bag, which features his wife!


Silly isn’t it that I can be sitting in my office with tears in my eyes- what a wonderful story! Thank you for spreading pixie dust all the way to Massachusetts today.


Agreed, I think someone is chopping an onion over my shoulder!


Sorry, Matt. I was trying to British…poking fun at you because I like you and your humor. My apologies it came out grumpy and mean. Didn’t intend it that way.


Maybe I’m the one who’s feeling grumpy!

We’re best of friends as ever we were :slight_smile:


Our magical moments always seem to revolve around princesses…it must be DD’s ardent love for them all…but my favorite was a meet with Rapunzel back when princesses met at the theater. As is usually the case, DD was chatting up a storm and was in so hurry to leave her beloved princess. DH and I began to feel a bit uncomfortable as we were sure our girl was monopolizing Rapunzel’s time. As we tried to drag her away, Rapunzel stopped us and said it was ok…she needed some more time. Rapunzel got down on her knees and began writing in DD’s autograph book. She handed DD her book back and they parted with a big hug and a wave. Once we made it out of the theater we asked DD what Rapunzel had written. She said she couldnt tell us…it was a secret between the two of them. Well, Im a bad mom, so when DD went to bed that night, I stole a peek. Rapunzel told her that in their hearts they would be sisters forever! DD guarded that book for a long time so no-one would find out the secret!!

Goodness, as Im writing this Im remembering so many more magical encounters with princesses…but Ill spare you…Just nice to relive the magic after a long day!!


When there was only the Magic Kingdom … Turning off of 192 onto World Dr, winding our way along the well manicured road leaving hectic Orlando behind, and finally stepping off the shuttle into the fantasy of the Polynesian resort. It was my first experience of the “Disney Bubble” and something I’ll always remember.


I had lunch at Tuto Italia, solo, on Memorial Day, and when it was time to pay the bill, the CM told me that “the gentleman at ‘that’ table paid for my meal and told him to tell me ‘thank you for your service’”. I have no idea who it was, but I think it was a Liner who recognized me and knew I had retired from the Navy. I only saw him from the back, and was never able to catch up with him.


What a wonderful story! I love that @profmatt ! You should be able to be who you are anywhere, but so wonderful you can do that at WDW!


Wow, that is a great story.

One of my favorite magical moments was watching the Wishes fireworks go off while riding Dumbo over and over. There were only 4 people back there, so the CM just kept the ride going until the fireworks ended.


I think I may be exploring this option more in coming trips, as HEA is really not doing it for me.