Most Iconic Disneyland Must Dos

Hey all you West Coast park goers! I’m bringing a newbie and am trying to come up with a list of must do’s. And by newbie I mean to any Disney theme park!
She is 17. Well have one 7 hr day, one full day (8am-12am) and one 6 hour day.

I’ve got

  1. Dole Whips
  2. Mickey beignets
  3. Dinner booked in Blue Bayou
  4. Giant Mickey Waffle breakfast at Carnation Cafe
  5. Space Mountain
  6. Star Tours
  7. Matterhorn
  8. small world
  9. Mickey and Minnie’s runaway railway
  10. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
  11. Pirates
  12. RoR
  13. MFSR
  14. GotG
  15. Webslingers
  16. Amazing Spider-Man
  17. RSR
  18. Incredicoaster
  19. TSMM
  20. fireworks
  21. WoC (Dessert Party so she can fully appreciate it without people blocking the view)
  22. parades
  23. Soarin
  24. GRR

*Haunted Mansion closed

If we’re feeling it/time I’ve got:
25) Little Mermaid
26) Monsters Inc
27) Animation Academy
28) Buzz Lightyear
29) Alice in Wonderland
30) Mr Toad
31) Snow White
32) Roger Rabbit
33) Pinocchio
34) Jungle Cruise
35) Pirates Lair
36) Disneyland Railroad (at least from Tomorrowland to Main Street)

Oh yeah Pooh is closed too

I think I have a solid list of attractions but
What snacks am I missing from must dos? What are the best stores to spend some time as she is a teen girl after all? Are there any other teen fun things you’d do to show off Disneyland?



Very solid list. I don’t see Mickey & Minnie’s houses & those are definitely fairly unique to Disney and DLR. They are also are some of my favorite walkthroughs and usually don’t require too much time if you don’t want to meet Mickey (or Minnie) and just want to see the house/walk through. They could go on the if time list since they probably aren’t up there for a 17 yr old (depends on how much she loves Mickey or Minnie). Also missing from the if time is the Sleeping Beauty walkthrough. Those dioramas are beautiful.

As for snacks, we love churros, corn dogs and Bengal BBQ. So those are all must-do snacks for us just about every time.

And then shops, my DD loves NBC so we always seem to spend a good amount of time in the Port Royal Curios (just next to where Jack & Sally meet at Halloween/Christmas). As a teen my favorite was the the Cristal d’Orleans (the crystal shop figurines) in the little maze of New Orleans Square shops. Other than that, she usually enjoys perusing anywhere there’s plushies, ears, spirit jerseys, jewelry or absolutely anything Stitch. On the DL side, the Disney Clothiers and New Century Jewelry/Emporium are good for a lot of that merch. On the DCA side we love shopping both sides of Buena Vista St and sometimes even the shop on Hollywood Blvd has good general merch. Knick’s Knacks across from Lamplight Lounge also has a ton of adorable things. And the shop adjacent to the Bing Bong Sweet Stuff (also the shop adjacent to the confectionary inside Winnie the Pooh is usually good too, but if WtP is closed, that will most certainly also be closed). And then in Downtown Disney, World of Disney is a Disney lover’s shopping dream, and DH and DD always love getting at least one round trip through it each time we go.


Yeah all the walk thrus are on my third tier list for sure including the new treehouse since i’ve not been thru that yet! But 100% and I will tell her to try to open the door in the top floor of the castle! I agree Mickey & Minnie house’s too super cute. I might real quick check out the windows on Donald’s Boat and walk thru Goofy’s house as I haven’t done that since the update! Fingers crossed no lines and we have time!

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Great choices (not a churro fan but I bet she is!)

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They are both very cute now and I definitely agree that Toontown as a whole is much improved.
But I miss the vibe of a much emptier and chill ToonTown that didn’t have strollers EVERYWHERE. It’s so busy and congested from open to fireworks close and then even when it re-opens at 10pm still manages to be busy until midnight. Maybe more recently it’s died down a but, last year all our visits we didn’t see Toontown once when it wasn’t an absolute madhouse of people.

Crossing mine for you too! If you’ll be getting G+ and/or ILLs your pland should be absolutely doable. And hopefully time for the other stuff!

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Yes, we have G+ pre-purchased (and to be transparent I’ve booked my first ever VIP Tour on our full day so hopefully that’ll get us thru a chunk including the ILLs, so we don’t have to purchase them individually per my understanding). They said 2-3 attractions per hour which I feel like I could do myself with G+ and ILL but it does also include non-LL attractions like PPF, and that ride has a line almost from rope drop. Our focus will be rides during the tour. I’m only doing this for my aunt who never ever goes to Disneyland with me because she is so ADHD she cannot handle the lines. But admittedly I’m excited to try a new experience. I doubt it’s worth the cost when you know what you’re doing but on the other hand I don’t have to be on my phone booking LLs, and we can do them in a circular order. Last summer when we did both parks highlights from RD to close (8am-12am) we accomplished 14 attractions (plus Oga’s, Carthy Lounge and Lamplight Lounge as this was an adult trip so we did the boozing!). But we also clocked literally over 13 miles on our feet!