Most Common Party/Table Sizes

Hello all! I am working on ADRs for a party of 7 for last minute trip 1/25-1/28.

The party of 7 has me wondering if it would be best to search for party of 8, parties of 6+1, parties of 5+2, parties of 4+3? What is most commonly available?

I have been able to score parties of 3 for some reason at BOG breakfast and lunch, both at later times than I’d like, but workable I think.

Are pre-RD ADR at BOG, around 820 still worth it with the new opening scheme? I pretty much just want early access for photo opps! :wink:

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I’ve wondered this myself. I’ve had a hard time with 5 at times, and with 3 at times. I’ve instead searched for 6 and 4 with good results. For a couple of them, I ended up booking that way. I think as long as most of my party is there, it won’t be an issue. And if it is, then I will pay the $10 if I have to. My point is, change your party size and you will find some open ADR’s that you wouldn’t find otherwise.

Think of it as even numbers. tables for 2, tables for 4, etc. They have to put a party of 3 at a table designed for 4. Even round tables are designed in even numbers.

I had the same issue when trying to make reservations for my group of 11 people. Each restaurant has a different maximum number that they will allow on 1 reservation. I found the link below useful. It lists each restaurant and the maximum party size you can book.