Most Comfortable Masks for Kids (and Adults)?

I know we’ve come a long way with masks since 2020, but I just haven’t done a ton of research on them for our upcoming trip in April. I also didn’t see any recent posts about them.

Does anyone have links to the comfortable masks for kids? We’ve used Athleta in past and they worked well.

And if you have any recommendations for adults, I’ll take that too!

These are my favorite. They are cheap, usually always in stock, and they fit my face really well.

My kids wear Happy Masks all day in school with zero complaints. I frequently have to remind them to take them off because they forget they have them on. I also wear them, they’re great. The downside is they’re hard to get these days because they’ve gotten so popular, but they have some you can preorder for shipment in March right now.

I also like Enro for myself, especially the ones called “Curv” that have wire to keep them off your face.

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My wife and I are both in healthcare and switched our kids to K95’s a while ago as the literature showed that cloth masks don’t provide a ton of protection for you or anyone around you. We have found that the masks for kids and adults from this website have been very good. The nice thing is they are also all verified to be the level of protection stated. A lot of the masks on Amazon will be listed as K or N95 but are just cloth masks stamped with that on them. Amazon does have a good supply of child and adult surgical masks though. Have a great trip!


I’ve got 2 kids still in child sized masks. We’ve switched to KN/N 94/95s as a family.

One likes these: KF94 Kids Black Face Mask

The other prefers this style (the exact ones we got aren’t available any more on Amazon): LEVENIS Kids KN95 Face Masks

Thanks everyone!