Morning timings

If I’m staying at Pop, and the parks open at 9am, is 8am a sensible time to arrive at the bus stop?

Buses to MK were plentiful this week, but we waited 45 minutes for a PPO Epcot bus (all at Pop). Add in time for bag check, crowds, etc. we allotted closer to an hour and a half for a true RD. If you don’t mind being behind the crowd, an hour would likely be ok in most situations.

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We usually tried to get to the bus stops at Pop about 75 minutes before rope drop on the days we were doing that. Never had any problems getting there on time. Most of the buses were quite crowded and we usually had to stand. On an EMH morning for HS there was a huge line in front of us, but three different HS buses arrived one right after each other and everyone got on a bus.

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Depends where you’re going and what your objective is. Generally, though, yes. Keep in mind that will be a peak time for the bus

I still don’t really understand the wisdom of rope-dropping.

For example, I think I read on here yesterday that if you want to avoid the long lines at FOP, you should arrive at AK an hour and a half before rope drop. Eh? Isn’t that self-defeating?

My new found interest in “early” morning arrival is partly about weather, as well as lines. But at MK for example I plan on heading to PP and MAWP rather than 7DMT, for which I plan on having an FPP.

Indeed I watched a TP video yesterday that demonstrated that the lines for rides like 7DMT drop after the initial rope-drop surge. They suggested you’d be better off doing PP first, then 7DMT.

No. Because sure you’re waiting an hour but you’re not waiting for an hour during park time so that hour is literally free AND you’ll wait far longer than an hour at most times if the day, barring a little before park close, if you arrive any later than that.

What the heck is that?

I do think your plan for PP is smart


MAWP is a ride at Walt Disney World, which is a theme park in Orlando, Florida. Have you been?

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Never seen it referred to that way.


And what is the accepted acronym? I’d hate to fall foul of the site’s sensibilities.

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I think I see WTP a lot?


MAWP makes me think of

Which I know are brooms not mops but really who mops with a broom they should be mops.

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I typed WTP the first time, but thought it might be wrong. After all 7DMT is 7DMT, not 7D.

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Actually 7D is often used

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I just woke up and my entire day has been thrown out of balance because I think I just realized for the first time ever that these are BROOMS! We have forever blamed the sorcerer’s hat, but clearly the fact that brooms were being used with water was the real problem!


I’d tend to just call it “Pooh” given it is 4 letters which is the same as MAWP. It’s not a cool acronym though so that may be verboten…

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This is somewhat ironic. When I’m talking to myself I call it Pooh but when I wrote the post I thought I better make sure I get the right acronym. Initially I typed WTP but then I looked up the actual name of the ride to be sure.

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No need to overthink

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We actually like to get to a park right at rope drop (not an hour before) and head for areas we know people won’t be (because of my massive aversion to crowds!). At EP, we usually head to Seas with Nemo and the tanks - we walk around the practically empty rooms and have a great time looking at all the creatures. Plus the fact that twice now DS has opened the food/beverage cart right outside and gotten free drinks and cotton candy.

At MK, we do Haunted Mansion, Pirates and Jungle Cruise.

At AK we do Dinosaur, Primeval Hurl and Expedition Everett.

We don’t do rope drop at HS because typically we have FPs for the rides we want. Toy Story Land threw us a curve ball, but EMM fixed that - I was able to save my FPs for RNRRC, ST and TOT.


NO. Just no. They are not mops, they are brooms. There is no mopping involved in this clip. Mickey’s job was to tote buckets of water to fill the cistern, not mop anything.


He enchanted a broom to do the carrying for him. He could have enchanted a loaf of bread.

These are brooms. Should be brooms. No mops or mopping involved.

Can we call this settled? :rofl:

Steps off soapbox
Knows this will never be settled
Smiles sheepishly



I cannot tell you how many times I’ve moved large amounts of water with a broom.

Mops are great for mini puddles and final cleanup. Pushing big puddles towards drains is easier with a broom (unless you have a squeegee - then use the squeegee, for sure)

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