Morning pool time in November?

We’ve never in 6 trips dedicated some time to the pool…the kids really want to so we’ve promised them (weather pending) that we will set aside some time this trip!
I know it’s FL, so we’ll probably be ok, but can anyone tell me if they have good luck with pool-worthy weather in November? We’d like to start out the day at the pool after breakfast, then go back up to room to clean up before heading to park for a late start day.
Is the GF pool heated? I assume so but not sure.

Do not think you will have any problems. The pools are all heated so that won’t be an issue. The air temp may be chilly early in the day, but you will only feel that when you get out. Might not want to spend much time lounging in chairs after leaving pool.

We’ve done pool time at the GF in January on a cool day and been fine. Its heated. We didn’t spend a lot of time in the pool, but the kids had a blast. Enjoy!

We went to pool most days mid-April, so were prepared for possibly cooler temps. In the afternoon, also in evening. Temps were as low as low 60s a few times. Took some good advice from Liners- to have warmy robes for kiddos, once they got out of the pool to return to room.

All Disney pools are heated, but it worked out great to have warm robes once out of the water, to walk to the hotel. I like to err on the side of caution, to avoid any Disney sniffles!

I’m hoping it will be warmer as we changed our usual Jan/Feb time to November in hopes it will be warmer :slight_smile: From what I’ve heard, all pools are heated.