Morning plan to get to morning EMH at 8am from Poly

I scheduled days with morning EMH at MK, AK and Epcot, and also a Pre-RD BOG at MK one day. We would like to get through the gates at all parks by 8am on regular opening time 9am days. What time should we plan on leaving the Poly? I’m hoping the monorail will be running for early EMH? If not, what sort of transportation do you recommend to arrive at parks in time? How long does it take to get through security and what-not? Thank you!

What day are you trying to get to MK? Here is an update on monorail hours:

I’m interested as well… Gonna do a kttk tour on Saturday October 29th

I’ve been asking similiar questions and I think the answer is:
Resort Monorail usually starts first because of the early morning character breakfasts, so you shouldn’t have any difficulty getting to the MK.
If you want to be at the very front of the pack for MK opening on a high CL day:
9am RD, arrive Poly monorail 7:45, arrive MK 8am.
8am RD, best guess is arrive Poly monorail 7am.
8am EMH, this is where I’m less sure, arrive Poly monorail 7:15-7:30am.
7am EMH, arrive Poly Monorail 6:30am, not sure it’s running before then.
8am ADR pre rope drop, again still guessing, don’t think you are let in till 7:45am, so probably arrive Poly monorail 7:15am.
Hopefully someone will chime in who actually knows.

The only problem is that the resort monorail does not start until 8:30 on Monday or Tuesday so it would depend on your day. If you are at Poly I think walking to the TTC and ferry may be best bet on those days?

Thank you for links and info!

Sounds like the monorail should be up and running for us to leave the Poly at 7:15-7:30. At Magic Kingdom we have a Wednesday pre-RD ADR at 8am for a 9am opening day and a Friday 8-9am early EMH… I am mostly concerned with the morning EMH and how much time we need to get into the park. One of my friends scared me with stories of her entire morning EMH being spent waiting in line to get into the park so I was thinking we should probably arrive as early as possible in order to make it into the park at 8. Anybody have experience getting into the park by 8am for EMH, and how much time did you allow? We don’t need to be at the front of the line that morning but I would like to get into the park right around 8am…

Also, for the EMH at Animal Kingdom and Epcot if we get on a bus at 7:15-7:30 will we be spending the entire early EMH 8-9am in line to get into the park or would that give us enough time to enjoy the low crowd hour? Anybody have experience or opinions on this?

Thank you!

Does the ferry start early? Trying to figure out how to get to 8am BOG ADR…

Thank you, I’ve never heard that. I read that the boats don’t start till 7:30, so how would we get to a 7am EMH at MK please on a Monday or Tuesday moning please?

A 7:00am EMH is pretty rare: Thanksgiving and Christmas weeks, Spring break- maybe 4th of July? When is your trip? The monorail starts at 6:30 (is that what it says?) on some days.

There’s a few questions on this site regarding early morning travel from TTC to the MK, the advice is to use the resort monorail. Due to it being open first to allow guests to get to their character breakfasts, someone said it started at 6:30am, because Chef Mickey starts at 7am. I’ve just checked the Disney site which doesn’t give any times, but on the Mum’s panel an answer from a CM said that officially the resort monorail starts 30 mins before the first park opens and that includes EMH, however you regularly find it open earlier.

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