Morning Magic Hours time causing problem with touring plan

My family and I are planning our first trip to WDW. I am trying to develop a touring plan for Sunday Aug 11th @ Magic Kingdom. There is a ‘Morning magic hours’ event taking place, which is advertised as 0745 - 0900 on the WDW official website. However, touriningplans have it as 0745-1000 and this is obviously causing issues trying to sort a plan for the day. Also,I currently have a reservation for breakfast at BOG (QSDP) to gain ‘early entry’ into the park - is this a waste of time if the morning magic hours is taking place too?

You’ll get one ride on 7DMT before the RD crowds arrive but not until 9.

I don’t understand why EMM would mess up your touring plan. Will it not schedule any rides 9-10?

Did you check off EMM? It is scheduled until 10 if you are attending because of the breakfast.

You will be able to get into the line prior to RD just not ride. This will put you toward, if not at the very front of the line for it.
We are attending the EMM and it is listed from 7:45am - 10:00am, however, that includes the breakfast which is served until 10:00am. The times for any attraction start to go up after the 9:00am time due to the rest of the park opening. I have played around with the my TP for that day, with me not including EMM and including EMM. I do not see much difference in the attraction times.

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its not letting me schedule any rides before 10am - I guess, if I say I am attending the EMM - but having a rest until 9am that might work?

It should let you schedule from 9 if you’re not attending. I’d delete it and start again, and if it’s still not working email


I’ve just checked my plans, I thought I was there that day and my touring plans are working fine, but I’m actually there Sat 10th.

Have you made sure that you have set the time you’re planning on arriving at the park correctly?


I’ve just gone in and made a plan, as you can see it’s working fine for me.

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Thanks to you all ! I am new to all of this and will take another look at the plan.


Occasionally the system does do weird things but if you start again it should work. Let us know!

Happy days ! I started a new plan and it works and looks fine. There was definitely some kind of glitch previously, as it would not allocate any times/rides prior to 10am