Morning magic hours or lowest crowd park

We will be headed to DW in mid November and staying on a DW property. Based on the touring plans crowd calendar, for November 15, 2020, the MK has the lowest crowd rating of 4 that day, but Hollywood Studios, crowd level of 10, will likely have extra morning magic hours. Is the best choice to go to the least crowded park for the day, MK, or to take advantage of the extra magic hours at HS, which is rated at a 10 crowd level for the day?

I personally like to choose the park with the lowest crowd rating. But that is my preference. To be fair I haven’t been to HS during morning magic hours … not sure how that would go with all of the boarding group chaos.

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Another vote for lowest crowd levels.

As well as being at the park entrance about 45 minutes before published opening time.


Before closure, HS’s stopped Extra morning hours and they moved them to evening due to ROTR boarding groups.


If we have a park hopper, we like to go to the morning EMH and then bounce to another park after.