Morning liners. 8/20. Weds

A very good morning to liners. 53 to go. First 5 nights I’m going to Gulf coast, then ten in the WDW area.


Good morning @steve1 and liners. Happy hump day. I spent a night in Charleston and st. Augustine, visiting savannah and st augustine enroute to Orlando. Haven’t been to the gulf coast for years. Happy planning. Have a good day.

Hello peeps! 167 here. The Gulf coast sounds lovely @Steve1 - I’ve never even left Orlando once on all our visits - feel like I’m missing out!

Kind of get sucked in with the great UK wdw ticket deals and then feel like I must make the most of them…

Good morning, @Steve1, @gabmom, and @Ellen1976! First full day here at the World, where at 5:30 this morning it was already 80 degrees. Gonna be a scorcher! Already rethinking my plans to stay at MK for the FOF parade – pool might be much more inviting at that point! Have a great day!


@WeHave2GoBack. Have a super brilliant excellent day

Thanks, @Steve1! :smile:

@Ellen1976. I kno exactly that. Wen we have the 14 or 21 day tix and stay in WDW , we do very little outside apart from shopping. We deliberately decided to change things this time. Got the Discovery Cove ultimate tix, so can go Busch gardens whilst at gulf area, and Seaworld / Aquatica once in Orlando area. Will be getting Universal tix too this time.


Good morning everyone! Heading to HS later this afternoon!


Have fun, @pod4christ! I hope our paths will cross this week! I’m heading to MK today, planning a morning in EP and some afternoon free time tomorrow!

Good morning Steve . Howdy y’all

Thanks, you too! I hope so. AK tomorrow morning, EP Fri & MK Sat.

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Good morning everyone! 139 days until POP! Getting ready to take DD19 back to college. :disappointed: She’s my Disney buddy, so we’ve had fun trip planning this summer.

Sound the Twilight Bark! It’s Dalmatian Day! It’s not too soon to start a countdown calendar, is it?


Good morning everyone (although it is afternoon here in Norway) !
15 days to go! That’s just 9 days left at work before I get to spend 3 weeks in Florida!
So excited!


Good morning @steve1. Your upcoming trip sounds amazing! I just did a beach/Disney/Sea World vacation. Sea World was great (I could have rode Kraken 20x). And the beach, ah, the beach. The Atlantic was 85 degrees, so I’m sure the Gulf will be beautiful!

And Good morning Linahville! 24 days left!!

@WeHave2GoBack , have soooooo much fun!

Good morning, all. 410 days left in my countdown. Realized that my 365 day marker is the same day as a friend’s wedding. DBF said he hoped I’ll keep my focus on the more significant event. Duh. How could I forget about only being a year away from WDW?!

44 days to BCV. Everyone have a magical day!

4 days to go!! Does anyone else think this week is going by too slowly?

I will, thanks!! Welcome show starting now!!!

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Good morning everyone. Only 24 days to go. Getting my packing lists around today