Morning Extra Magic Hours - Positive or Negative?

I have always taken advantage of morning extra magic hours for the 3 peak SUMMER Disney World vacations we have taken. We are early risers and like to get everything out of the way as much as possible while the lines are shorter. However, I’ve noticed many posts and articles lately saying that the parks with Morning Extra Magic hours are actually MORE crowded because all the resort guests go there and stay all day, plus, the people staying off resort then show up on top of it. These articles say its best to AVOID these parks OR do the morning and then hop to another park. What are people’s experiences? Even seems to give conflicting information on the subject, even with their data. Thanks!

I love morning EMH because my kids wake up early. I also think they are great for summer so you can tour before it gets miserably hot.

Some say that EMH parks are busiest for the day. Often the advice given is to do morning EMH then hop to a different park later.

Honestly just tour the way you like best. You’re already miles ahead by having a plan!

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100% true! If I go to a park that has EMH I prefer it to be at night. By then most of the families are gone. Overall, unless it’s my only option, I avoid the EMH morning parks. I don’t even park hop b/c you lose an hour getting between parks on WDW buses.

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I did morning EMH at MK in July and found it pretty crowded. I RD’d space (which I could have done on a regular morning), did Buzz, and then Speedway was already a 25 min wait. So other than an additional hour of park time, I didn’t feel the ability to get anything done faster. But I know other folks swear by EMH and my sample size is 1, so…YMMV?

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The general advice is not that you should avoid mEMH parks, but rather that you should avoid them if you will not be fully taking advantage of the extra hours.

That being said, a good TP will mitigate much of the effect of the extra crowds. If you are trying to decide whether to go to a given park on an mEMH day vs a regular day, make a Personalized TP, optimize it for each day, and then go with the day that has the plan the best suits you.