Morning EMH: What order to do you hit the attractions?

We’ve always been a one day/one park family and have never had park hoppers. This trip we will have park hoppers thanks to Free Dining requirements. We’re planning to do the morning EMHs in all parks and then hop by 10:00am. Please advise on what order to hit the big attractions in all four parks. Any additional EMH tips are also appreciated. Thanks in advance!

I don’t have a lot of knowledge of EMHs, but I suggest looking at the list of what’s open during that time in each park. I remember being surprised that some of my favorites in MK weren’t open. Hopefully someone with more experience will chime in with advice too!

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Usually at MK I will go to Space and do that a couple of times before maybe stopping at Winnie the Pooh and Under the Sea on my way to Big Thunder when it opens. At Epcot I would just go to the tier 1 attraction you like the most. I find the EMH will allow you one major attraction (a few times) or a combo of one headliner and a few others on my “must do” list. In the past at AK I would just do EE over and over. Now, I do not know.

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My best tips would be:
Do NOT be late - especially for am emh. You are paying a lot of money to have access to the emh.

Create a personal TP to have a REALISTIC idea of what you can expect to accomplish during the times you will be touring.

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I’m assuming a family that likes thrill rides? Our family does and we do the same thing and use our FP for the evening parks.
For MK- if you want to ride 7 Dwarves, you have to hit that first, otherwise you will be waiting a while. If that is not important, then Space Mountain or Splash Mountain/Big Thunder combo would be our next choices. For AK, Flight of Passage for sure But you could run the through the rest of the park with ease without it… For HS, Rockn Roll coaster or Toy Story(you should be able to run over to the second choice without much wait) For Epcot, you have to pick between Soarin or Test Track (depending on the time of year, we are usually summertime, so we do Test Track and wait in the air conditioning for Soarin)