Morning EMH vs Evening EMH

Hi all,

Just looking at my Outline for days we will be in parks etc and wanted some advice/opinions.

Looking at my current Plan, I have DH and I attempting to make RD on February 14th at MK. Just noticed that it is an evening EMH day at MK. I have us scheduled in for RD at Animal Kingdom the following day (February 15). There is no way we could stay until 2am at MK and be up and ready for Morning EMH at AK the next day.

Looking at my whole week, morning EMH at AK is offered again on February 18. We were originally going to sleep in that day and maybe hit up DQ and DTD and then one last evening at MK (need to get to bed early so that we can be up and ready to make the move to UOR first thing in the morning).

So I guess my question is should we move our AK day so that we can stay at MK on the 14th all day and night? It means we might miss DTD and DQ, but could possibly go to those on the 15th if we aren’t too tired.

I attached pictures of my Calendar if that makes it easier to understand… Sorry @Outer1 I ripped off your Google Calendar idea. I saw it in your trip post. I had been trying to do it on my own before I saw you do it. And I have no idea how to use Excel.

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My general theory is to avoid EMH parks unless you are going to take advantage of the additional hours. So, I would either switch to a different park on 02/14 or swap the 02/15 and 02/18 plan days. I am also not a fan of DTD/DQ (I can shop and go to arcades at home), so I would consider doing something else (relax at resort?) instead of going there.

Also, what is this “Sleep in” on your schedule? I am totally unfamiliar with that term… :wink:

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@brklinck I like that idea I think. Will have to run it past DH tonight. Can’t switch MK day due to the BOG ressie… Unless we went to AK in the morning…rested then hit up MK later and stayed till close… What do you think of that option? Would be a long day though and no EMH at AK that day.

Sleep In was put in there to appease DH. He wants to have “at least two sleep in days” :smile:

Lining from my phone right now, but I’ll try to remember to come back to this and look at the various possibilities.

Tell him that he can sleep in when he is dead, and that you can arrange that for him…

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I am an EMH kind of person, but I think AK is the least important for AM EMH. You can get FPPs for EE, KS, and Dino, and there really isn’t much of a line issue for anything else. I LOVE Pm EMH at EP and MK. MK after 10 PM is the closest thing to “adult swim” that you can get there…

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No worries it’s a great tool to use. And I have to say evening emh at mk is marvelous. No lines, no crowds, it was awesome.

Love EMH as well. Wouldn’t necessarily avoid them. Consider the parks you’d like to tour, look for the lowest crowd levels for those parks (EMH or not) and go forth. :slight_smile: Of course, if you pick a park with am EMH, be sure to be there at RD so you can leverage lower waits on headliners. pm EMH are great for extending time in the parks (I’ll often hop to one at night) and for those relatively low crowds after the nighttime spectaculars.

Yup. Don’t see WDW as a sleeping-in kinda place.

OK, I took a look at your plan as a whole. Thoughts as follows:

  1. Keep 2/13 as is, as you have an ADR and it is one of the better days for HS during your stay.
  2. Keep 2/14 as is, taking full advantage of the eEMH. I would add an afternoon break, though.
  3. Change 2/15 to MK all day with an afternoon break. You could make this a “sleep in” day if you want, but I’m still scratching my head about this concept.
  4. Keep 2/16 as is, as you have the F! ADR at MM. It is one of the most crowded days at HS during your stay, but if you take full advantage of the eEMH you will benefit greatly. This could also be a “sleep in” day, but get good FPP if you do this.
  5. Keep 2/17 as is, as you have an ADR, there are mEMH, and it a reasonable crowd day
  6. Change 2/18 to AK in the morning, hitting the mEMH. DTD in the late afternoon if you really feel like it

Hope this helps!


Totally using my second gmail account to make another Google Calendar reflecting your suggestions to show DH. We may have to sleep in a bit on 2/15 because not getting back to the hotel until possibly 3am is intense. However I just texted DH and said “If we didn’t get back to our hotel until 3am what is a realistic time that you would be awake and ready to do stuff the next day” and he texted back “9am” so there is hope after all! :laughing:

9am isn’t bad!

Just so you know you can create multiple calendars under one Google account.

Possible to link a Google Cal w TripIt too. Awesome feature. I can email TripIt my reservations, have it automatically upload those resies to TripIt which syncs with my calendar.