Morning EMH and sunset in TSL; morning EMH @ AK; few other questions

Hi all! A few questions for an upcoming trip of just me and my wife, both 30s and active, can definitely move quickly in crowds & through parks.

We’ll be @ HS for our first park day Sunday Feb. 3 (CL6) and plan to be on the first bus from French Quarter. Will we be able to do all 3 TSL rides at least once each before 9am? What’s the best order? SDD first seems a given, then AS2, TSM?? I don’t really trust an optimized touring plan in this case because we plan to be near the front of the pack and thus not wait much for our first ride, which I don’t think can be plugged into a touring plan.

Then thinking of seeing BB-8 when the Launch Bay opens at 9. Can we, and is it worth it to, push through all the rooms straight to BB-8, then cycle back to check out everything in the Launch Bay later?

Rest of the day pretty well planned, including lunch package @ HBD, FP’s for ToT & RRC, several shows, etc. Don’t want to start with ToT & RRC for EMH because wife probably won’t do them and want to start trip actually doing things together. Also want to make only one trip down Sunset Blvd for ToT, RRC, and B&tB together and not go back till F!.

We’ll be back in TSL at ~6 for sunset (6:05), with a plan to grab dinner at Woody’s and carry it (if necessary) to F! (dining package from lunch). Have SDD FP 6-7, but would like to do all 3 rides again if possible in that ~75 minutes available. Is SDD a different experience after dark? Should we wait to do that later in the window, or do it earlier and hopefully have a shorter wait at TSM as crowds head to dinner and F!?

Next day, we’re at AK (CL6) for EMH, again first bus. Thinking FoP, NRJ, Safari. Think we can have those done by 9:10? It seems that they start letting people onto FoP well before actual park opening. Does that happen on EMH days too?

Later in the day, I’m thinking Safari FP at ~3:10, then FotLK @ 4. That should work, right?

Would it make a big difference to Lyft instead of being on the first bus from the resort on either of these days?

Not sure what time those first buses are.

I do know you want to be at AK about 45-60 minutes before EMH starts, and probably 30-45 minutes before at DHS.

If I were in your position, I’d probably Uber / Lyft. But then I don’t do rope drop, so take that with a pinch of salt!

Yes, you can just walk through the exhibits at Launch Bay and do the m&g. I would also do Kylo Ren or whoever else is also there too.

I think you should be able to ride all 3 TSL rides by 9. The order you picked is good. We did the same thing when we were there last summer and it worked.

Yes, you can just walk through the Launch Bay straight back to meet BB-8.

I think SDD is a different experience after dark (and better IMO). I don’t know though if 75 minutes is enough to do the all 3 rides again at that time of day even with a FPP for SDD.

Your AK order is good. Not sure you would be done by 9:10–it depends how early they start letting people on FoP and it depends how long the safari takes. It’s typically about a 20 minute ride but depending on the animals it could take longer. I’ve been on safari rides that were 50 minutes because animals were on the truck path.

Thanks for the responses! Very useful!

I’ve seen elsewhere that the buses start running at 6:30, but I should be able to check the app. If it’s maybe 6:45 (especially for the AK day) and I still don’t see it coming, I might Lyft at that point.

Good to know about the extra safari time. I kinda see that like a short ride break-down. Can’t really plan for that too much. I guess I’ll just make sure not to have anything pre-paid or unmovable after safari time.

Thanks for the thoughts on SDD in the evening Dreamer. I got that late FP for it specifically for that opportunity. I think we’ll plan to do AS2 first, to let things get a little darker first, then do SDD, followed by TSM when lines are hopefully a little shorter. If lines are long, maybe we bump the 5:40 Mermaid show to another day and get to TSL a little earlier, then try AS2, TSL, SDD.

One more question: FotLK @ 4, then 6pm carriage ride @ Riverside. Should be enough time to leave the park and get over there, right?

Thanks again!

Good plan. I was thinking when you wanted to be finished by 9:10 because of an ADR.

FotLK is about 30 minutes long. It’s a bit of a stampede leaving the show, but I think you could make it for the carriage ride as long as you head out of the park right after the show.

when timing is important I always get an uber